Become Vilnius University Student for a Day

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We are excited to invite you to Become Vilnius University Student for a Day, the event taking place on 9-20 November. This is a great opportunity to step into the shoes of VU students and be part of online lectures, seminars or lab trainings. Lecturers and current students look forward to welcoming you!

Why to join Become VU Student for a Day activities?

  • You can experience real time lectures at Vilnius University
  • You can choose from a number of different lectures in different fields and disciplines
  • You can easier make a decision what to study

Lecture list and registration here

Applications for One-off Earmarked scholarships for VU are welcome

2020 10 19 Paraiska tikslinei stipendijai

Dear Students,

This is to inform you that applications for One-off Earmarked scholarships for Vilnius University students for accomplishments in the spheres of science, sports, cultural and social activities are welcome until 25th of October.

Each student wishing to obtain the Scholarship shall apply at the eStudent Environment (at You may only direct your application to the accomplishments done since the last time the scholarship was issued for you. The application must include an activity table with documents proving the accomplishments in the above mentioned spheres.

An activity table example could be found here.

Please note that the students whose activities are done under the name of Vilnius University are under preference while issuing the scholarships. The selected candidates will be issued with a scholarship from 1 BSI (Bazinė Socialinė Išmoka - basic social payment which now is 39 EUR) to 15 BSI.

More information regarding One-off Earmarked scholarships could be found at Vilnius University website.

Online storytelling workshop with Milda

2020 10 12 Storytelling

26th of October from 4PM till 8 PM and 27th of October from 3PM till 6PM. With coffee breaks!

We are inviting you to join a 2-day storytelling workshop for all English speaking students at VU and have fun during isolation time. We can invite only 14 participants, so be quick!


During the workshop:

  • You will learn how to tell true life stories in an interesting and engaging way;
  • You will learn what are the main components of the stories and how to craft them well;
  • You will get some useful tips about the rhythm of the story and the rule of “less is more”;
  • Do you think you have nothing to tell? Everyone does! During the storytelling workshop you will learn a technique of how to find the stories in your life and tell them in a way that everyone will want to listen!
  • You will get a real public speaking experience while in a safe environment.

Only 12 people can join the workshop, thus every participant will have access to focused individual attention, along with group exercises;
You will have fun time with your peers, will exercise your creativity and will find new friends.

The online workshop is led by Lithuanian storyteller Milda Varnauskaite (@StorytellerMilda). Milda is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands where she finished Mezrab storytelling school and now works as a storyteller at Mezrab Cultural Centre and other various places. Milda is a practitioner of storytelling, thus she is always striving to carry the practical knowledge to her students. Milda is also an alumnus of Vilnius University and a founder of Baltic Storytelling Centre.

Work of the MIF Studies office in the autumn semester

2020 10 02 Work

This Autumn semester of AY 2020/2021 MIF Studies Office is at your service in a blended-work modality.

We invite our visitors to register and book appointments via e-mail to arrange date and time and assure qualitative service at place.

Non-registered visitors are only welcome at Naugarduko str. 24.

For your safety, you must wear facial mask inside the Faculty.

If you feel any symptoms of influenza like fever, please stay at home.


Applications for the spring semester exchange are open

Hello! Hello! Ciao! Ola! Zdravo!

Would you like ...

  • … improve and / or learn a new foreign language?
  • ... broaden your horizons, get to know a new culture and develop tolerance?
  • ... make new friends and develop independence?
  • ... gain invaluable academic and life self?

If you answered YES to at least two questions, we invite you to apply and participate in exchange program!

Registration takes place from 1 to 24 September.

Address of the list of universities for the spring semester:

We are also waiting for you at the informational meeting on September 17th at 3 p.m. via MS Teams for students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics.

Registration form

More information about ERASMUS+:

On the website of the International Relations Department of Vilnius University

On the VU MIF page

Information for freshmen: first steps

2020 09 02 Informacija pirmakursiamsEN900x754

Congratulations for joining the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (MIF) of Vilnius University (VU). An interesting period is in front of you - the beginning of studies. Prospective students often ask where to look for exact information about their studies, how everything will start in the first few weeks. Here are the key steps to successfully prepare for the new academic year.

Welcome meeting for Master students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

2020 08 27 Magistr rugsejo 1 EN

Welcome meeting on 1st of September at he Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (24, Naugarduko str., Vilnius) in the room 102. Here is the best way to find the location.

During the meeting the Faculty and its facilities will be presented and all the processes for students. So it will be easier to navigate throughout your studies in Vilnius University.

Registration form online.

Welcome day programe

Due to prevention and safety measurements, please wear your own mask.

Important information for students

Dear students,

Probably you already received the news that regarding the Coronavirus prevention starting from 13 of March university will work REMOTELY (lectures, exercises, laboratory works, etc.). The contact study process is suspended until the midnight of 13 April with a possibility to extend this deadline as well if needed. Typically, learning and communication with the teacher will continue in a Virtual learning environment. Otherwise, professors will email you separately about the distance learning requirements, methods, and communication tools for the classes. If you do not receive such information, you should first contact the teacher.

We will seek to assist teachers in providing study materials and feedback during class sessions as scheduled. We expect understanding and flexibility from all sides to maintain the quality of our studies.

Thank you for support and cooperation. Stay healthy and mindful.

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