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MIF logo | This logo is used for external and internal communication.

Using the Faculty images with the logo of Vilnius University | When used with the VU logo, the faculty symbol should be monochrome and dark grey.

Dark cherry | The main combination recommended for external communication and for presenting study courses is the VU logo together with the name of the Faculty. The dark-cherry version of the logo looks the best against a light-coloured or light photographic background.

Black and white logo  | This version should be used in exceptional circumstances, when it is impossible to use the logo in coloured printed material or to otherwise reproduce the colours of the logo (e.g. when engraving).

There should always be some free space around the logo. This helps to make the logo legible and visible. 

The minimum amount of free space around the logo corresponds to 1/3 of its height. Where possible, it is recommended to leave more free space around the logo.

Dark cherry is the main colour of Vilnius University. This colour has been used since ancient times. This colour symbolises dignity, respect, royal authority, leadership and the power of will. Moreover, this colour has been a part of VU identity for several decades.

2019 05 02 VU MIF herbas bespalvis542x240
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