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Are you fearless and ready to create innovative solutions in the world of technology? Or to raise another Lithuanian tech unicorn? Then you've come to the right place! Get to know the city of your future - Vilnius.

Lithuania is home to more than 1 030 start-ups and the country’s first unicorns – Vinted, Nord Security and Baltic Classifieds Group. These companies are also well-known outside the country. Companies based in the city can attract top talent and foreign investment. The capital offers the perfect conditions for businesses to thrive and succeed.

Your new home: multiculturalism and nature in the city centre

Many university graduates, fast internet speeds, and compactness characterise Lithuania. So, you spend less time in the car or on the bus. Vilnius is multicultural. People of many different nationalities and religions live in the city, and there are restaurants and bars with a wide variety of food and drinks. The city is also known for its green spaces. The Lithuanian capital is one of the greenest in Europe.

Security comes first - we're part of the strongest alliances

Vilnius also has a high level of security, being a member of the international defence organisation NATO and the European Union. The meeting in the summer of 2023 NATO was culminated by a speech by United States President Joe Biden at Vilnius University: "It’s good to be back in Vilnius, a nation and a region that knows better than anyone the transformational power of freedom. You know, you showed the world that the strength of a people united cannot be denied. And together, with your brothers and sisters in Estonia and Latvia, you helped end the era of division through the power of connection. The Baltic Way, not the Berlin Wall, became the symbol for Europe’s future."

Who are we? Mathematicians? What do we like? Numbers!

Are you curious about what else makes Vilnius attractive? We all like the practical and... We are mathematicians, so we love to count! International students enjoy very affordable tuition fees. The city has attractive rent, transport and entertainment prices.

MIF offers a wide range of mathematics degree programmes: Graduates can work not only as teachers but also in the public sector or in business and are highly sought-after professionals thanks to their broad knowledge and sophisticated logical thinking. Although IT 's degree programmes are very popular among students, it is interesting to note that of all the Master's degree programmes, Data Science is the most popular choice among students, and that is in the field of mathematics!

The quality of the university is very high. Students also point to the high competence of the teaching staff. The job market in Vilnius is favourable for VU MIF students. After graduation, all MIF students, both computer scientists and mathematicians, have jobs. Some choose to continue their studies or pursue careers abroad. In 2020, for example, the percentage of graduates of software systems and computer science programmes who had a job was 100%! Neither male nor female IT graduates had difficulty finding a job. The 2018-2020 graduates earned more than the national average salary. IT Graduates work as software and application developers, IT specialists, analysts, etc. Most MIF computer science graduates work in jobs related to their studies.



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