Dr. Dolgopolovas Vladimiras


Akademijos g. 4, LT-08412 Vilnius 602 room
Phone (8 5) 210 9320


Position: Researcher, Investigator



Tatjana Jevsikova, Valentina Dagienė, Vladimiras Dolgopolovas On preferences of novice software engineering students: temperament style and attitudes towards programming activities Informatics in schools: fundamentals of computer science and software engineering : 11th international conference on informatics in schools: situation, evolution, and perspectives“ (ISSEP 2018), Sankt-Peterburgas, Rusija, 2018 m. spalio 10–12 d

Vladimiras Dolgopolovas, Valentina Dagienė, Eglė Jasutė, Tatjana Jevsikova Design science research for computational thinking in constructionist education: a pragmatistic perspective International Conference "Constructionism 2018": Constructionism, computational thinking and educational innovation“, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2018, August 21-25.

International conference Constructionism 2018 August 21–25, 2018, Vilnius, Lithuania

Dabar–Present European AI Alliance. Member

Dabar–Present USERN: Universal Scientific Education and Research Network. Member


Last update date 2023-03-31


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