Emanuel Galati, an Italian student, started his academic education by earning a Bachelor’s degree in Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. He then was offered Erasmus scholarships to pursue his master studies either in Lithuania or Brazil and, finally, was admitted to partial studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Vilnius University (VU).

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Emanuel Galati

Before the Erasmus Programme, Emanuel knew very little of Lithuania. However, during his studies in Milan, he had already heard and read about Vilnius University and was eager to learn more about student life in Vilnius and the historic Alma Mater. The first impression turned out to be very positive.

"Vilnius is a beautiful city, and I was particularly enchanted by the weather. Coming from southern Italy, Apulia, where it’s much hotter, the 15–20-degree temperatures in August suited me perfectly. I found the city beautiful and bustling with life," says Emanuel.

He also enjoyed the University, especially the practice-oriented studies in finance and insurance mathematics. After six months in Lithuania, Emanuel eventually decided to extend his stay. Now, he plans to finish his master studies here and exchange the Italian degree for a degree from VU.

"I was impressed by the practical nature of studies in Lithuania. In Italy, we focused more on theory rather than practice. The dynamic teaching methods employed by the VU lecturers and the entire study programme, conducted in English, provide a richer and more engaging learning experience compared to my previous studies in the homeland," notes the Italian.

According to Emanuel, VU and the city itself now have a special place in his heart, as this is where he made lasting friendships, became a part of the community, and immersed himself in vibrant academic and city life.

"In my spare time, I practised three main hobbies: travelling, techno music parties (which are just as fantastic in Vilnius as they are in Berlin), and various sports activities. Through all of them, I met a lot of interesting people who I still keep in touch with," says the student.

When asked about his post-graduation plans, Emanuel says he hasn’t quite made up his mind yet. "I’m still pondering my next steps. Vilnius might become my permanent home or, maybe, I will embark on a new international adventure. The future is open to possibilities," concludes Emanuel.





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