Lithuania is definitely a wonderful country to visit. As well as beautiful nature, delicious cuisine, spectacular architecture and rich culture, it also offers a high quality education and a once-in-a-lifetime study experience. Are you curious to find out what previous exchange students have to say about Lithuania, Vilnius University and specifically the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics?

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Serhat, from Trakya University in Turkey, says he chose Vilnius University for his exchange semester because of the international environment and quality of education. "I have definitely improved my social and professional skills", – he says. As for the lecturers, Serhat says they are true professionals and try to give students as much information as possible.

Anna, from University of Applied Science Burgenland in Austria, says she chose Lithuania because she had never been to this part of Europe before. She had no expectations when she came here, so she was pleasantly surprised: "Lithuania is beautiful and I'm really happy that I got the opportunity to study and live in this country", – says Anna. The student believes that her experience in Lithuania has enriched her greatly: "I got to know not only the Lithuanian culture, but also so many others, like Greek, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, German". She is very happy to have met so many new people and to have made friends all over Europe. She also admits that she has become more independent while living in a foreign country.

Bojan, from the University of Maribor in Slovenia, admits that he chose Lithuania for several reasons: lower cost of living, the high rating of the Vilnius University and the geographical location of the country. Bojan was really impressed by Lithuania: "The country itself exceeded my expectations. Amazing people, nature and culture". He says he left Lithuania knowing more about himself, his mentality. According to the student, the lecturers were also very good.

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Sakis, from the Athens University of Economics and Business in Greece, was lucky enough to meet some other Greek students who had already spent a semester in Lithuania. They shared their experiences of university life. "My expectations were met – my experience in Lithuania enriched me in many areas". Sakis really liked the atmosphere in the faculty and according to him the professors were great and enthusiastic.

Sebastian, from Grenoble Alpes University in France, decided to come to Lithuania for an exchange semester because he could choose courses that perfectly matched his studies in France. He was also fascinated by the idea of discovering a country he knew nothing about. "My expectations of the studies were met, I really like the courses here – even more than my French ones", – says Sebastian. He believes that the experience in Lithuania has contributed to his personal development, as he has never been so far away from his family and has never lived in another country before. "It was very nice to be more independent from a certain point of view, as well as to live with other people from all over the world and to get to know other cultures a bit better", – says Sebastian.

Jānis, from Riga Technical University in Latvia, wanted to visit more Baltic countries and see cosy cities. A student from a neighbouring country says he has made many new friends and improved his ability to plan and adapt. Jānis really liked the lecturers: "The lecturers are great. Most of them come from the industry and have real experience. It is always nice to talk to professionals”.

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Juan, from the University of the Basque Country in Spain, was amazed at how advanced the country is in terms of technology. He chose Lithuania because it gave him the opportunity to study cybersecurity, a field he is interested in. "It was a great opportunity to grow as a person by living in a foreign country with different people and culture", – says Juan.

Helena, from the University of Thessaly in Greece, had many reasons for choosing to come to Lithuania: the high level of education at Vilnius University, the challenge of getting to know a new university and a new city, the high ranking of VU compared to other options, the innovative study plan. She says that her expectations have been met: "I think that the choice I was given, the challenge I took, was 100% worth it and it has enriched me a lot, both academically and personally". Helena also liked that the lecturers spoke good English and were approachable and friendly.

Andrea, from Jean Monnet University in France, chose Lithuania because of its strong technological focus. The student says her expectations were met as she gained valuable skills and cultural insights. Andrea was pleased with the lecturers and had many kind words to say about them: "They demonstrate expertise, provide engaging lectures and support student learning".

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