The Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence was established at Vilnius University

More and more often we encounter with automated solutions which create dynamic and constantly evolving science and technology environment, with new challenges searching for more accurate and effective artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. In order to solve these tasks, deeper theoretical and practical knowledge together with special equipment are required. Therefore, by the decision of the Council of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Vilnius University (VU), the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence was established at the Institute of Data Science and Digital Technologies.

2020 11 20 Laboratorija380x250"Companies working in the IT sector are constantly competing for skilled workers. Artificial intelligence and Big Data analytics are technologies that are now actively contributing to the development of new and existing products and processes,” says the Head of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Dr. Virginijus Marcinkevičius.

The aim of the laboratory established in cooperation with UAB "Neurotechnology” is the practical use of knowledge in solving relevant problems of application of science and technology related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and robotics technologies. The Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence is expected to become international level applied computer science center, uniting the interests of science and business in the development of artificial intelligence methods and technologies, training international level specialists for work in the field of artificial intelligence research and applications.

"Students will be able to contribute to the development and improvement of these products and services through internships, bachelor's or master's theses led by the scientists from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, applied research using artificial intelligence, machine learning methods, automation and robotics technologies, to continue research in doctoral studies,” says Dr. Marcinkevičius.

The work of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory will be focused on the development of competencies in the field of artificial intelligence inside and outside the Faculty, in collaboration with business and governmental organizations. Researchers working in the artificial intelligence laboratory will seek to carry out projects with business organizations that are relevant to science and promote innovation in business.

According to the Head of the Laboratory, the topic of artificial intelligence is vast: systems and software are being developed that are able to perform learning, decision-making or assessment tasks, analyze images and natural human language, help automate standard processes.

"Every major university has a lab or even several that work with a variety of artificial intelligence issues, e.g. “MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory“, “Oxford Machine Learning Research Group“, “Berkeley AI Research Lab“. In order to be a leader in the region, Vilnius University will also actively contribute to the development of this field,” says Dr. Marcinkevičius.

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