Phone: +370 5 219 5031

Didlaukio st. 47, Vilnius

Head of the department - assoc. prof. dr. Gintautas Bareikis (

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Staff member Position Contacts Timetable
Dr. Gintautas Bareikis Associate professor, head of the department

Phone: +370 219 5031

401 r. Didlaukio st. 47

Dr. Giedrius Alkauskas Senior researcher

Phone: +370 219 3071

211 r. Naugarduko st. 24

Habil. dr. Mindaugas Bloznelis Professor

Phone: +370 219 5032

412 r. Didlaukio st. 47

Dr. Saulius Gražulis Professor

Phone: +370 223 4353

V323 r. Saulėtekio al. 7 

Irus Grinis Lecturer

Phone: +370 219 5034

420 r. Didlaukio st. 47

Dr. Tomas Juškevičius Senior researcher
Didlaukio St. 47, Room 201
Dr. Algirdas Mačiulis Associate professor

Phone: +370 219 5031

401 r. Didlaukio st. 47

Jūratė Skūpienė Specialist for school olympiads  
Dr. Vilius Stakėnas Associate professor

Phone: +370 219 5031

401 r. Didlaukio st. 47

Dr. Vytas Zacharovas Associate professor

Phone: +370 219 5033

417 r. Didlaukio st. 47


Research interests:

  • Researc in analytical, combinatorial and probabilistic discrete structures
  • Evolution of mathematics in Lithuania

Research interests of our department's staff:

Researcher Interests Publications
Dr. Giedrius Alkauskas Number theory, modular and automorphic forms, Minkowski question mark function, functional equations, partitions book
Dr. Gintautas Bareikis Analytic number theory and probability, fractals, time series analysis book
Habil. dr. Mindaugas Bloznelis Probability theory, mathematical statistics, random graphs and algorithms book
Dr. Algirdas Mačiulis Limit theorem of arithmetic functions, analytical number theory, cryptology book
Dr. Vilius Stakėnas Number theory, cryptology, coding theory book
Dr. Vytas Zacharovas Probabilistic combinatorics, Tauber theory, analysis of algorithms, generating functional analysis book




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