Significant Growth of State-Funded Student Places at Vilnius University

2021 3 04 VU Didysis kiemas380x250At the end of the main stage of general admission to higher education institutions, Vilnius University (VU) received 28,673 applications from students, of which 5,978 were submitted as the first priority. After the first stage, 4,247 persons were invited to study, 3,585 of them were invited to state-funded student places. VU Vice-Rector for Studies Associate Professor Valdas Jaskūnas points out that the number of entrants to VU has been growing for the fifth year in a row, but the growth of state-funded student places is even more gratifying.

"Of all Lithuanian higher education institutions, VU attracts the most state-funded places – this year we received 43 percent of the total state funding allocated to universities, while last year we received 37 percent. We are leading in the study groups of mathematics, physics, life and humanities", says Associate Professor Jaskūnas.

According to the VU Vice-Rector for Studies, the results of this year's main admission stage show unchanging tendencies of the most popular study programs – the fields which are most in demand remain as medicine, psychology, law, international business, and creative communication. "It is gratifying that the call to choose pedagogical studies has been heard – VU trains teachers in various forms, and all students can acquire the qualification of a teacher by choosing parallel studies," he says.

However, Associate Professor Jaskūnas draws attention to the declining interest in Scandinavian language and IT study programs, which may lead to a shortage of specialists needed for business development in the future.

According to the Vice-Rector for Studies, the start of VU Šiauliai Academy after the reorganisation of Šiauliai University has been successful. One of the main teacher education centres in Lithuania has seen a high percentage of growth in teacher training and curriculum systems.

"VU Šiauliai Academy Teacher Training Centre has received a lot of trust. The special pedagogy program undoubtedly has the greatest potential in Lithuania. VU has also refined studies that meet the needs of the region. At the moment, we see that there is a great shortage of IT specialists for the development of the region, therefore we are happy to see the growth of students entering the information systems studies. While developing studies in Šiauliai, IT and pedagogical study programs are considered a priority, therefore targeted investments in the quality of studies and the environment are planned,” says Associate Professor Jaskūnas.

At the end of the main admission stage, VU intends to provide most of the proposed programs in the second stage as well. At this stage, it will also be possible to apply to study in state-funded student places. The additional admission stage will run from 13 August to 16 August.


Nord Security and Vilnius University Partner Up to Develop Innovative Solutions

Nord Security ir VU partneriai

Vilnius University (VU) and the cyber security solutions developer Nord Security have signed a cooperation agreement. The parties have agreed to strengthen the partnership between tertiary education and business and to develop joint initiatives in the process of designing and improving cybersecurity products and services. In the long run, new partners also aim to enhance and further develop the competencies of software engineering, data analysis, statistics, and mathematics students.

“In order to continue as an attractive establishment of studies and learning for students, we have to make sure that our graduates have the skills to mirror dynamic needs of the labour market. This is particularly relevant when it comes to the IT sector: its progress and integration in other business and industrial segments is very intensive yet always changing and shaping new challenges both: for IT professionals employed by companies like Nord Security and researchers involved in this field. I am therefore very excited that, uniquely diverse in the range of this activity, this partnership with Nord Security will offer excellent value in the quest for new scientific solutions in association with cyber security and big-data researchers and will become significant part of studies driven by applied knowledge,” says VU Rector prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas.

The Head of Nord Security's Business Enablement Department, Ramūnas Markauskas, was happy with the budding partnership and new possibilities opening for business and VU academic society.

"Currently, one of our priorities is for Nord Security to strengthen our partnerships with universities and the academic society. Therefore, we're very excited to have signed this agreement with Vilnius University, the alma mater of many of our executives and employees. This agreement will allow the company and the university's community finding common ground to develop high-level scientific products, innovative solutions. It'll also establish opportunities to nurture and encourage young professionals to make discoveries and further explore cybersecurity and other IT fields. It is no doubt that this partnership will expand our view regarding product development. In turn, we can offer valuable practical knowledge for the academic society about cutting-edge solutions and tech," says R. Markauskas.

Nord Security is one of the world's leading cybersecurity solutions providers, with more than 15 million users worldwide. At present the company's product family includes five advanced cybersecurity solutions that have earned high praise from major tech outlets and cybersec experts: NordVPN, NordVPN Teams, NordPass, NordLocker, and NordWL.

Currently, Nord Security has around 1,000 professionals working in different areas of the company. They're actively engaged in promoting further development of their employees by hosting in-house academies, building partnerships, and providing various trainings for skill development.

From September, Studies at Vilnius University Will be Planned in a Non-Remote Manner

June 22 the Senate of Vilnius University (VU) made a decision, ruling that the study process and its activities will be once again planned in a non-remote manner in the autumn semester of the 2021-2022 academic year. For this reason, the auditoriums, laboratories, libraries, courtyards and campuses will reopen in September.

2021 06 23 VU 380x250Non-remote studies will only take place depending on the situation of mass vaccination in the country to ensure safety.

“I believe our community is actively taking advantage of the opportunity provided by scientific progress. This is vital for our future. I am certain we will return with the experience of remote learning during the pandemic period, evaluate and maintain what could be used to complement or expand teaching and learning opportunities. However, lively teacher-student relationships, emerging human connections, issues arising during face-to-face communication and discussions are the values that set the University apart from all other forms of learning.

Therefore, let us be responsible today: let us get vaccinated ourselves and invite those who are sceptical, not daring or downplaying the effects of the pandemic. This will help us welcome the approaching September safely and start yet another academic year of the extraordinary history of our University”, the Rector of VU prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas said.

All the information about regulations and changes at the University is constantly updated here.


Graduation Ceremony

2021 06 01 Diplomu teikimas800x444

We kindly invite you to take part in the solemn graduation ceremony on the 29th  in the Great Courtyard of St. John's Church (Universiteto str. 3, Vilnius)

During the celebration, graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics will be greeted by university and faculty leaders, lecturers, alumni, students.

Graduates will be awarded bachelor's and master's degree diplomas.

9 a.m–10.30 a.m. Diploma award ceremony for graduates of these study programmes:

  • Financial and Actuarial Mathematics (Master)
  • Financial and Actuarial Mathematics (Bachelor)
  • Software Engineering (Master)
  • Software Engineering (Bachelor)

11 a.m.–12.30 p.m. Diploma award ceremony for graduates of these study programmes:  

  • Mathematics (Master)
  • Modeling and Data Analysis (Master)
  • Econometrics (Bachelor)
  • Statistics (Bachelor)
  • Mathematics and Applications of Mathematics (Bachelor)
  • Informatics (Master)
  • Bioinformatics (Bachelor)
  • Information System Engineering (Bachelor)
  • Information Technologies (Bachelor)
  • Informatics (Bachelor)


  • After receiving the diploma, graduates will be required to sign in the diplomas’ registration journal. Graduates must to settle with the University by 25th of June. More information
  • Entrance of graduates and guests to the Great Courtyard will be available only through the gate from St. John Street. At the end of the ceremony, the graduates and guests will be invited to go to the courtyard of M. K. Sarbievijus for the additional greetings and photos. Graduates and guests leaves the university through the gate to the Library courtyard.
  • Each graduate can invite 2 persons to the Graduation Ceremony. Individuals may enter the event area only if accompanied by a graduate. Pre-registration is not required.
  • All the participants of ceremony must wear face masks.
  • The event will take place in the open air, so we recommend arranging appropriate clothing and umbrellas in case of rain.

Ceremony will be filmed and broadcasted live at Vilnius University Facebook account. For those who cannot take part at the live ceremony, we kindly invite you to watch the broadcast!

We invite you to celebrate together with the graduates!

Record-High VU Position: University Makes it to the Top 400 World Universities

2021 06 09 VU QS 400 EN 380x250In the latest QS World University Rankings 2022, Vilnius University (VU) took a record high position and for the first time, ranked 400th in this ranking.

This is also the highest rating ever achieved by Lithuanian universities in the global ranking of QS universities; therefore, this position is significant not only for the history of higher education at VU but also for the whole of Lithuanian higher education.

“Being among the 400 best universities in the world is a significant achievement for all Lithuanian higher education, testifying to the fact that our country has all the prerequisites for the highest level of international science and studies.

I am certain that we are strong enough to establish ourselves among the best universities in the world and to adhere to the highest standards as they are understood in the international scientific community. However, this requires constant constructive dialogue with the public authorities so that the funding of science and studies allows for the planning of a long-term perspective.

We prove that we can achieve and exceed the set goals, the state must prove that it considers education a priority,” VU Rector Prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas said.

VU has been ranked in the global QS rankings among more than one and a half thousand other higher education institutions for almost a decade, and this time has risen by more than 200 positions in total. First evaluated in 2014, VU ranked 601-650. Currently, being in the 400th position, VU represents Lithuania by shaping high scientific standards, which increasingly contribute to attracting international researchers and becomes a serious competitor to prestigious European universities.

“We are proud of the academic community of Vilnius University. Its efforts strengthen not only the global image of the university but also the image of the city. This time, by being among the top 400, VU has once again proved that it has the energy to grow and create breakthrough ideas,” Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius said.

This year, VU ranked especially high - 135 position - in terms of teaching quality. According to the criterion of academic reputation, rising by 27 positions compared to last year, this year VU ranks 400th, and 434th in terms of employee evaluation.

When compiling QS world university rankings, higher education institutions are evaluated according to a total of six criteria: Academic Reputation, rating of the best institutions in terms of research, Employer Reputation, rating of the best professional training institutions, Citations per Faculty, the ratio of the number of students and lecturers in the departments (Faculty Student), the share of foreign lecturers (International Faculty) and the number of foreign students (International Students).


Information for graduates | Graduation Ceremony

2021 06 01 Diplomu teikimas800x444

The Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics will take place on the 29th of June, in the Grand Courtyard of Vilnius University ensemble located in the Old Town.

If you do not plan to attend the Graduation Ceremony - be sure to notify the Studies Office by June 25 (). Graduates who did not attend the ceremony might collect their diploma from the Studies Office a pre-agreed time starting from 30th of June.


After successful completion of studies and in order to obtain a diploma and diploma supplement confirming the studies, it is necessary to settle with the University.

The procedures for settlement with the University are defined in this document.

University units with which University graduates and discontinuing students must settle:

  • University Library (return books, etc.);
  • University Dormitory Centre (to account for accommodation in VU dormitory);
  • Vilnius University Students` Representation (there is no need to return a Lithuanian Student Identity Card (LSIC), a card will be invalid after graduation. This settlement is automatic – no additional action is required);
  • International Relations Office at the Central Administration (only if you went on a study exchange and haven’t settled yet);
  • Student Services and Career Department (only if you went on an Erasmus internship and you haven’t settled yet);
  • Faculty administration (to fulfill financial and academic obligations if you haven't settled yet. This settlement is automatic – no additional action is required).

Graduates must settle with the University units no later than 5 days before the scheduled date of graduation ceremony.

A diploma cannot be issued to those who have not settled with the University departments.

If you have any questions, please contact the MIF Studies Office by phone +370 5 219 3055 or e-mail

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics Studies Office


Master studies | Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

2021 05 18 Master studiesFaculty of Mathematics and Informatics offers 6 different Master’s degree programmes in English and welcomes students from all over the world.

The deadlines for applicatios are:

June 1st | for applicants from non-EU/EFTA countries;

July 15th | for applicants that are not required to obtain a national visa for arrival to Lithuania, as well as for non-EU/EFTA applicants with Lithuanian Embassies in their home countries.

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics Master`s degree study programmes:

Computer modelling

The Computer Modeling programme ensures to use computer modeling technologies and participate in their development, to imply the generation and analysis of hypotheses and ideas, scientific, empirical and applied research, interpretation of results, to develop research and analytical skills, professional ethics code, to generate reports.

Apply now

Financial and Actuarial Mathematics

The purpose of Financial and Actuarial Mathematics programme is high-profile education in financial and actuarial mathematics with an emphasis on theoretical foundation of various methods and techniques of probability theory, stochastic analysis, risk theory, and related fields. Graduates of the programme are qualified to analyze and solve problems in theoretical models of finance and insurance, with implementation of obtained solutions in practice.

Apply now


The main goal of Informatics study programme is to prepare highly qualified IT specialists, able to carry out independent research work, continue Doctoral studies in Lithuanian and foreign universities as well as capable of developing software development and maintenance projects and successfully compete for IT jobs both in Lithuanian and foreign companies.

Apply now


The purpose of the Mathematics programme is to train qualified specialists who have advanced knowledge of pure and applied mathematics and strong problem-solving skills so that they can successfully tackle challenging scientific, industrial, economic problems. The graduates will be the professionals in modelling and decision making of different processes in industry and research.

Apply now

Modelling and Data Analysis

The aim of the programme is to educate internationally recognized professionals in Modelling and Data Science who expertly utilize the up-to-date knowledge of Statistics, Econometrics and Data Science in developing advanced mathematical (statistical) models for private and public institutions for planning, management, forecasting, and evaluation of their activities.

Apply now

Software engineering

The purpose of the programme is to prepare high qualification software engineers that can carry out research independently; to lead software development, maintenance and process improvement projects; to apply their knowledge in different application areas; to make decisions under conditions of limited information, and logically, unambiguously and clearly argue them among specialists and non-specialists.

Apply now


Vilnius University Tops the List of Lithuanian Higher Education Institutions

2021 05 14 VU top380x250Vilnius University (VU) has today been named the best Lithuanian higher education institution for the eighth time in a row. This year, VU scored 74.43 points out of a total of 100 (64.09 last year) in the ranking of education and higher education institutions traditionally compiled by the magazine “Reitingai”. VU is a leader in three of the five areas assessed: academic achievements, added value created by alumni and employer evaluation, and studies and students.

There is a significant gap between VU and other higher education institutions in the country is in the field of science, where the university stands out with an abundance of publications in the fields of natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

Just like last year, VU scored the highest employers rating. The survey showed that over 80% of employers positively assess VU students’ preparation for the labor market, the graduates’ knowledge and skills. Therefore, VU alumni enjoy the biggest demand in the labor market and, on average, the highest annual salary.

VU stands out from other higher education institutions in terms of the quality of studies and the number of students. For many years now, VU has been attracting the most talented Lithuanian students. Furthermore, it has the largest number of doctoral study fields and places, as well as the largest number of accredited study programmes taught in a foreign language.

This year’s ranking of Lithuanian higher education institutions rated universities according to 38 parameters (a crucial parameter - student opinion survey - has been eliminated), which are divided into 5 major criteria: scientificity and highest achievements of academic staff, added value created by alumni and employer evaluations, number of students and quality of studies, current and future academic staff, and international competition.


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