Thermo Fisher Scientific Nominal Scholarship Competition 2022-2023

“Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics” UAB in cooperation with Vilnius University invites prospective 1-year masters students from VU Life Sciences Center, Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics to prepare Master final thesis at the Company.

Favorite students selected to prepare Master final thesis at the Company will receive Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics nominal scholarship of 1.800 Eur per single academic year. VU students who prepare the final thesis at the Company for two academic years and if study results do not worsen, are entitled for a second-year scholarship, therefore total scholarship would amount to 3.600 Eur.

Applicants’ Bachelor final thesis (or exams) and Main study field subjects weighted average grades must be no less than 8 to qualify for the Scholarship competition.

This nominal scholarship does not impact students’ chances to receive other scholarships from the State, Vilnius University, “Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics” or other.

First year Master students must submit applications for the competition by September 15, 2022

Students must submit following documents: 

  • Curriculum vitae (CV);
  • Motivational letter, also indicating preferred Research groups;
  • Copy of Bachelor studies diploma and its supplement;
  • Copy of Secondary school graduation diploma;
  • Copy of other achievements, such as scientific and/or social activities (e.g. participations in scientific competitions, tournaments and other);
  • Recommendation from VU Faculty or Employer would be additional benefit.

Application documents should be submitted to VU Study administration department via e-mail: and “Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics” UAB via e-mail: titled “Thermo Fisher Scientific nominal scholarship”.

Questions regarding this competition should be addressed to “Thermo Fisher Scientific” representative – Edvin Stankevič, , or VU representative – Jurgita Alonderyte-Venckiene e-mail: .


Celebration of the start of the academic year at the Faculty

The academic year for first Bachelor's and Master's students starts on 1st of September.

Study activities (lectures) for first year Bachelor's and Master's students starts on 5th of September.

The celebration of 1st of September at the University is marked by the ceremonial hoisting of the flag of Vilnius University in the Library courtyard at 9.30 am.

The students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (MIF) will be welcomed on 1st September at 10 a.m. in the courtyard of the VU MIF (Naugarduko str. 24).

2022 08 30 Mokslo metu pradzia900x600

Programme for 1st of September

10:30-11:30 Undergraduate students' meeting with the Study Programme Chairs (SPC).
10:30-11:30 Master's students meeting with the Curator and the Study Administrators.
11:30-12:30 Master students meeting with Study Programme Chairs (SPC).
From 11:30 the MIF Student Union (MIF SA) invites undergraduate students to meet with the tutors and after the meeting to prepare together for the festive procession.
At 14:45, the procession of Vilnius University staff, students and alumni to the University's main building, the Great Courtyard (Universiteto str. 3) starts. The procession will start from the Palace of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania.
15.30-16.30 - Ceremony of the beginning of the academic year RENOVATIO STUDIORUM in the Grand Courtyard of the University.

MIF SA invites you to create new traditions and spend the evening of 1st of September with the MIF community at a BBQ party in the Faculty courtyard. All those who want to spend the evening together are welcome to come back to the MIF Courtyard (Naugarduko str. 24) from 17 pm.

You can find out more about the event here.


VU Signed a Sponsorship Agreement with EPAM Systems Establishing Additional Scholarships for MIF Students

epam sistema1

The software engineering company EPAM Systems joined in on the Vilnius University’s (VU) Scholarship of the 450th Anniversary, which aims to contribute to solving financial issues related to accessing higher education. On Tuesday, VU signed a sponsorship agreement with its new partner. The company allocated €10 thousand for additional scholarships to be allocated to students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (MIF) facing financial difficulties.

“Some two-thirds of Vilnius University students come from smaller cities and towns. It remains a major challenge facing many students planning to study and live in one of the big cities - Vilnius, Kaunas, or Šiauliai,” noted Head of the VU Partnerships Development Division Lina Kižinienė. “Therefore, Vilnius University and its partners aim to provide financial assistance to every applicant who would otherwise not be able to obtain an education at the University due to financial difficulties.”

EPAM Lietuva General Director Linas Grinevičius stated that the company’s employees are trying to change the lives of students by providing training and mentoring programs, internships and opening community schools.

“The industry is dynamically transforming, we constantly see the introduction of new technologies and tools. We believe that basic knowledge and university education are the foundation for startups to thrive in this fast-paced environment. It provides a foundation for systematic thinking and the key skills that help people become the most valuable professionals.

epam sistema3

We encourage creativity and unorthodox ways of doing things, we help those taking the first steps toward essential knowledge provided by Vilnius University. We invite the first-year students to start their journey with an EPAM scholarship, grow with us or discover their own paths. We expect graduates to have an engineering mindset: innovators and trailblazers who change the rules and seize the opportunity to do things in ways no one has done before,” L. Grinevičius said, addressing the future first-year students.

VU is one of the first universities in Lithuania to award first-year students with the incentive Scholarship of the 450th Anniversary, thus aiming to reduce the acute problem of social exclusion in Lithuania. The university has been awarding this scholarship since 2019. This scholarship aims to reduce the acute problem of social exclusion in Lithuania, increase the accessibility of university studies, and help those accepted into the University’s first-cycle and integral study programmes adapt to the new environment.

VU established a scholarship for 100 students with its own funds. Companies like Light Conversion, Coherent Solutions, Ekspla, OPTOMENAS, Vandens harmonija, GJ Magma, Hnit-Baltic, EKSMA Optics, Altechna, Standa, Optogama, Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics, Transvera, and EPAM Systems joined in on the VU’s Scholarship of the 450th Anniversary.

A New Place for Start-up Ideas to Become a Reality: The VU Tech Hub Space Has Been Opened

On June 16, after more than two years of construction, the Tech Hub cooperation space was opened at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Vilnius University (VU EVAF). The premises will bring together start-ups of the Tech Hub pre-accelerator run by the Innovation Agency together with Vilnius University, the premises will also host various events, hackathons, conferences, and workshops.

“The first time I heard the words “Tech Hub” was three years ago. Back then, not many people had heard of it or knew what it was. But obviously, in three years this concept has taken root in life and activities, and now in space. It reveals the tendency and desire to integrate science, studies and business and to bring students back to university so that they not only participate in lectures and seminars but also discover other new, meaningful activities here,” said VU Rector Prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas.

Many guests from the start-up and innovation ecosystem attended the event. Vice-Minister of Economics and Innovation Vincas Jurgutis said he was pleasantly surprised and inspired by the hustle and bustle of the start-ups. “Lithuania’s ambitions are impossible without creative, hard-working and educated people. Lithuania is gradually embracing the fact that if we want a breakthrough, the most important things are communion and the exchange of knowledge. We hope that these premises will nurture a lot of new business and investment,” he said.

tech hub

Prof. Dr Aida Mačerinskienė, Dean of VU EVAF, was also happy with the opening: “These spaces confirm the fact that the 440th anniversary of the university not only commemorates the historical importance of the university but is also a way to be modern. We look forward to seeing new business ideas come into being inside these spaces,” she said.

The event also featured a pitch battle of the best Tech Hub pre-accelerator start-ups. The representatives of 8 teams talked about the problem their start-up would address and the proposed solution, introduced their teams and achievements. The winner of the battle was chosen by a commission of three experts, taking into account the quality of the presentation and the potential of the start-up.

Seqvision, a start-up from the fifth pre-accelerator cycle, won the title of the best starter. SeqVision has developed a solution for biotechnology laboratories that work with plasmids - synthetic DNA molecules created by scientists. A DNA plasmid is a sequence of genetic information. Once this molecule has been created, its correct sequence needs to be verified and confirmed. It is a tedious, time-consuming process that requires reagents. The start-up’s proposed plasmid sequencing service facilitates this process by providing more sample information in less time and easier sample preparation than other sequencing platforms.

VU Technology Port, together with the Innovation Agency (formerly the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA)), has been running the Tech Hub pre-accelerators for almost two years. It is a three-month intensive training for start-ups where teams gain knowledge of business development, receive mentoring, stay in touch with investors and business angels, and can turn their idea into a minimal product.

So far, 110 startups from Lithuania and abroad have completed the programme, while another 20 are currently participating. 6 pre-accelerator cycles were held over a two-year period. The teams participating in the programme consist of over 300 people. Some of the startups, e.g., benme,Oxus.AI, Curtains Calculator, and others, have already attracted investments, while others have participated in acceleration programmes abroad, and received funding from various EU support measures, private investors and business angels.
All pre-accelerator participants will be able to use the Tech Hub space. The university community and the entire innovation and start-up ecosystem will be invited to participate in various events related to the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Invitation to Participate in the VU Final Thesis Competition

2022 06 15 baigiamuju darbu konkursas380x250The Vilnius University Technology Hub (VU Tech Hub) has launched the Nominal Scholarship Competition for the best defended thesis prepared during degree studies. The students themselves can apply directly or the candidates can be nominated by their academic supervisors.

The competition is open to the undergraduate and graduate students of Vilnius University of first (Bachelor) and second (Master) cycles including integrated studies who defended their final thesis in one of the following categories of the scholarships during the current academic year (2021/2022).

The one-time grant of 300 euros is awarded in each of the following categories:

  • “The technologies for the development of society“– for the best thesis exploring and presenting technological solutions that determine the social development;
  • “The social challenges in the age of new technologies” – for the best thesis exploring the impact of robotisation, digitalisation and artificial intelligence on the development of society and its institutes;
  • “The innovations for life“– for the best thesis that offers a technological solution to meet the needs of society;
  • “The best interdisciplinary thesis“– for the best thesis, which examines relevant complex problems and combines research methods of different fields of science.


The candidates wishing to participate in the Nominal Scholarship Competition must submit the following information to the VU Tech Hub until the 29 June 2022 by filling this form:  

An assessment procedure by Nominal Scholarship Commission will take place until the 31 July 2022.

The Scholarship Award Event preliminarily is scheduled for September 2022.

More information about the Nominal VU Tech Hub Scholarship:  and by e-mail: info­


MIF Students Participated in Training Sessions on Gender-Based Violence

2022 06 14 Mokymai1 900x501

21st of May at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics took place training on gender-based violence. Together with Lithuanian students participated, students from Ukraine as well. The training was held in the English language.

Gender-based violence – why is it important to talk to the university community about it?

"The university's community is quite diverse and numerous. We are different and have our own opinions, beliefs, and experiences. We aim to increase the ability to recognize violence, and its various forms, promote prevention and raise awareness. Another project's "emotional journey" is the topic of bullying, which will be addressed during the youth exchange in Italy." says Justina Krauledaitė, VU MIF International Studies Coordinator.

2022 06 14 Mokymai2 900x576

Local Piloting Phase is a part of a two-year international project, "Creative Emotional Journey – Operational Approach ", under the Erasmus+ programme. During four hours of training, different forms of violence and their origins were tackled. Various methods from non-formal education like Story of Abigaile were tested. After watching a short film, students had a chance to test their critical thinking, argumentation and active listening skills.

In September, in Italy, will be held youth exchange where 25 youngsters will meet to share good practices from the piloting phase. Other participants countries are Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal.

Projects' "Facebook" page.


Graduation Ceremony

Dear Graduates, Lecturers, Members of the Faculty community,

we kindly invite you to take part in the solemn graduation ceremony on the 23rd  of June in St. John's Church (Universiteto str. 3, Vilnius). During the celebration, graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics will be greeted by university and faculty leaders, lecturers, alumni, students, and will be awarded with diplomas.

2022 06 01 Diplomu teikimas380x2509 a.m – 10:30 a.m. Diploma award ceremony will be held in Lithunian / English for graduates of these study programmes:

Bioinformatics (Bachelor)

Informatics (Bachelor)

Informatics (Master's)

Mathematics and Applications of Mathematics (bachelor)

Mathematics (Master's)

Software Engineering (Master)

11 a.m – 1 p.m. Diploma award ceremony for graduates of these study programmes:

Econometrics (Bachelor)

Financial and Actuarial Mathematics (Bachelor)

Information Systems Engineering (Bachelor)

Software Engineering (Bachelor).


After receiving the diploma, graduates will be required to sign in the diplomas’ registration journal. Graduates must settle with the University by 17th of June. More information.

Graduates who do not plan to attend the award ceremony are kindly requested to notify the Studies Office by the 17th of June (). Graduates who did not attend the ceremony will be able to collect their diploma at the Studies office from the 27th of June at a pre-agreed time. Diplomas will be kept at the Faculty for one year.


MIF Master's Thesis Defense: Dates and Guest Registration

2022 05 27 Defense900x297

Every year summer for the final year students starts with tension as the defense of the final theses is waiting for them. This year, the defense of master's thesis at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (MIF) of Vilnius University (VU) begins on May 31st and will end on June 10th, 2022.

The defense of the final thesis of the study programs is public, those who want to watch are invited to come. The vast majority of defenses are conducted in a contact manner, in faculty auditoriums. Registration is required for remote defences.



May 31st, 2022, 09:00 - 11:00, room 103 (MIF-Naug.)


Friday, June 10th, 2022, 10:00 - 15:00, held online, registration is required. Guest Registration form.

Software Engineering

Thursday, June 2nd, 2022, 09:00 - 15:00, room 419 (MIF-Didl.)

Friday, June 3rd, 2022, 09:00 - 15:00, room 419 (MIF-Didl.)


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