Vilnius University (VU) has once again been named the best university in Lithuania. This is according to the national ranking of educational and higher education institutions compiled by the magazine “Ratings”. This year, VU scored better than last year (72,85 out of 100 points) and is unrivalled in terms of its scientific and academic achievements.

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MIF students. Photo by Justinas Auškelis.

A sociological survey of employers commissioned by the organisers of the ranking shows that VU graduates are highly regarded. Their knowledge and skills match employers' requirements exactly and they achieve some of the highest average annual salaries after graduation.

In this year's ranking, VU is at the top of the country's universities in terms of research activities. The university has the most scientific publications in the social sciences (7662.6), the natural sciences (4757,7) and the humanities (4023,9). These figures come from data provided by the Lithuanian Science Council, the National Education Council, and the universities.

For many years, VU has been the favoured destination for Lithuania's most talented graduates. In the current academic year, 59,3 % of the most talented graduates chose VU after passing the state matriculation exams with a score between 86 and 100. VU also offers the largest number of doctoral study places (817) and the greatest variety of study programmes (29).

VU is also a leader in terms of academic staff. It has the highest proportion of young lecturers compared to other universities. In the academic year 2023-2024, lecturers under the age of 35 make up 26.8 % of all lecturers at the university.

In this year's evaluation of Lithuanian universities, 39 parameters were considered, categorised into five main criteria: Alumni and employer evaluation, scientific, artistic or sports activities, student population and quality of studies, international competitiveness, and current and future academic staff.

Since 2014, the magazine “Ratings” has published the national ranking of universities twice a year, in May and December. VU has consistently held the top position during this period.


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