Student from Romania about Erasmus+ traineeship: It’s a new experience

2020 10 22 library
Erasmus+ traineeship is a traineeship (work placement) abroad in an enterprise or any other relevant organization in the Erasmus+ programme country.

Robert Tudor, a student from Romania (University of Pitęsti) done Erasmus+ traineeship at Vilnius university Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics Cyber Security Lab. He told about the traineeship, the city of Vilnius and his favorite lithuanian dishes.

What have you enjoyed most about Erasmus+ traineeship?

Getting to stay in Lithuania with my friends during summer, both for the traineeship and going places. Even if the traineeship took most of our time, we still managed to travel a little and hang out with other Erasmus+ students.

What is your opinion about supervisors at VU MIF?

The traineeship during summer was the last part of my Erasmus+ experience. I was in Lithuania for a whole year of studies.

From personal experience, most teachers at VU MIF were great. For an Erasmus+ student/trainee, teachers usually change the language of the course to english.

Talking about the traineeship alone, we loved our mentors. Mrs. Agne Brillingaite and Mr. Linas Bukauskas were very good teachers.

Why did you apply for the Erasmus+ traineeship at VU MIF?

We had the chance to learn something new since we were not very familiar with cyber security before the traineeship.

What is it like to live in Vilnius/Lithuania? Would you recommend it? What is the city/country like?

Me and my friends stayed at the dorms in Olandu st. I would say the cost of living in Vilnius is fine, but of course it depends on your income. Compared to Bucharest, Vilnius is pretty big, but it has around one third of the population. If you are looking for a calm city (during the day), Vilnius is perfect.

Lithuania is a small country, we managed to visit some of the cities, even the seaside. If you are planning to go to Lithuania during summer, the weather is actually nice. If you are planning to go during winter.

What is the food like? What are your favorite dishes?

Coming from Romania, lithuanian food was pretty much the same thing I usually liked to eat: bread, meat, potatoes and sour cream.

The weirdest dish was saltibrasciai (pink soup/beetroot soup). I didn’t expect to like it when I found out how it was made, but I did.

My personal favorites were kibin and potato pancakes.

Would you recommend Erasmus+ traineeship in Lithuanian to your friends? Why?

I would recommend it to anyone. As I said before, it’s a new experience, you get to learn new things and see Lithuania.

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