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As a member of the VU MIF community and a user of VU MIF resources, it is important to know the Faculty's procedures and rules. For this reason, the rules of working procedure for computer classrooms and the VU MIF computer network are provided below.

Working Procedures in Computer Classrooms

The Digital Science and Computing Centre (DSCC) is equipped with computer classrooms, which are used for studies and student/lecturer researches.

  • The DSCC area, building (outside and inside) are monitored by video cameras.
  • Outsiders are strictly prohibited from entering the DSCC.
  • First-year students are introduced to the rules of safe working during a special briefing. This briefing is organised by the tutors of the study programme in agreement with the Security Officer.
  • The computer classrooms in Didlaukio St. and Šaltinių St. are locked. Lecturers holding classes in these classrooms can unlock them with their employee ID card.
  • Students can find their MIF computer network login usernames at, in the group lists or by searching.
  • Students, as users of the computer network, are provided with the resources they need for their studies. The resources, their essence and the procedures for their use are described in the VU MIF computer network usage rules.
  • Computer network users: must follow the rules for the use of the computer network and the internal rules of the classroom; can not play games; can not turn off the computers in the classrooms; can not carry chairs from one classroom to another.
  • If you have some IT problems or any other questions, please contact the DSCC team by e-mail

VU MIF Computer Network Usage Rules

General Provisions

Classroom computers, server computers, installed programs, information systems, the local computer network and the Internet network are the resources for students' learning and research during their studies at VU MIF.

User Rights

The student receives a username and password that enable access to:

  • Space on file servers.
  • CPU time on the servers.
  • Internet network.

User Obligations

  • Use resources for their intended purpose.
  • Save disk space (by deleting unnecessary data and files).
  • Save working time (do not disturb others).
  • Change your password every 3 months.
  • Maintain work ethics on the Internet.

Working Arrangements

  • On weekdays, the student may use the classroom computers from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. On holidays and vacations and at other times, the student may work with the permission of the MIF Dean.
  • A student must follow the instructions of the teacher during the lecture or of the IT stuff at brakes or other times.
  • A student may register in advance to work with a computer outside of lectures and he/she has a priority to use it.
  • Additional information (printed) is available in the computer classroom and on the VU MIF web pages.


  • Switch off computers or disconnect them from the computer network;
  • Connect your personal laptops to network without prior registration and to places that are not designated for them;
  • Change the configuration of computers, install and remove programs without DCSS permission;
  • Copy, store and play games;
  • Use other MIF person's usernames and passwords;
  • Reveal your MIF usernames and passwords to others;
  • Guessing, “snooping” and other ways trying to know MIF passwords of other students/employees/lecturers;
  • Use resources not intended for you;
  • Accessing computers (other than local computers) where resources are not allocated;
  • Copying installed programs;
  • Disturb the security, privacy, order, tranquility and rights of other users.


The student is responsible for all actions performed on behalf of his MIF user. Depending on the circumstances of the violation, the student will be punished with a warning, deprivation of some or all of the resources, compensation for financial damages, and other administrative penalties before the removal from the University.

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