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How to use MIF cloud service?

OpenNebula is simple but feature-rich, production-ready, customizable solution to manage private clouds. To login into portal please use VU MIF username and password.

  1. OpenNebula Sunstone portal - supports Internet Explorer (>= 9), Firefox (> 3.5) and Chrome browsers. The upload of files and images works with Firefox (>= 4) and Chrome (>= 11).

Each MIF user is provided with such IT resources:
CPU: 1
VMS: 4 (total count of VM)
Datastores/lustre: SIZE=10240MB, IMAGES=4
Networks/VNET2: LEASES=4

*Please delete unused VM's

If you need extend limits please write us: admin[eta]
Available resources are 4 x IBM BladeCenter HS22/7870SGW with 2 x 6 CPU cores, 24GB RAM, 160GB HDD in each.

User Configuration

Views: cloud - reduced functionality - new VM could be created from existing templates only.
user - full functionality.

You can change user view by going to username → Settings → Info → View:

Before creating virtual machines it is recommended to upload the public part of your SSH key. You can do this via settings by going to username → Settings → Info → Public SSH key.

Creating a virtual machine

To create a new VM you have to go to Virtual Resources → Virtual Machines → press green plus button. Then choose a template, fill in your VM name, change capacity (if needed) and press “Create” button.

Go to Virtual Resources → Virtual Machines to view the status of your virtual machine.

Remarks: Windows 2012 R2 virtual disk is recommended for use with templates containing the prefix win.
DISK_SIZE - indicates how much to increase the OS disk using the appropriate template. (If you copy an existing systematic pattern - remove this attribute).

States of VM

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