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MatLab Installation for a VU Employee

To install the software, you need to follow these steps:

  • Login with VU SSO.
  • Log in to MathWorks account if you have it. If you haven't - create new one.
  • Choose Matlab version, when you are redirected to the page, select the operating system for which you want to download the software. Then select and download the installation file.

If you have administrator rights on the computer you are using, follow the next steps. If you have not, please contact and the IT administrator will complete the installation.

  • Start the installation and do the following Log in with a MathWorks Account → Next → Yes → Next → enter your email address and password of MatLab account → Next → Select a license → Next → select the location you want to install → Next → select and tick the modules you want to install → Next → Next → Install.
  • Once the product is installed, you need to activate it - click Next until you are asked to enter Windows User Name (if you are installing in a Windows environment). Then enter your computer user you are using, because the license is valid for one user on that computer only. At the end press Next → Confirm → Finish.
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