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MIF Computer Classes

Šaltinių st. 1A:

  • Terminals: S-101, S-102, S-103, S-203, S-204, S-205, S-206, S-207

Didlaukio st. 47:

  • Windows only: D-303
  • Terminals: D-307, D-308, D-310, D-316, D-317, D-318, D-319, D-321, D-323

Didlaukio st. 47:

  • D-303 Classroom is prepared for teaching robotics, smart circuits, etc. (with Arduino, ARM, RPi and other equipment).

The following operating systems are available on terminals:

  • Linux VDI and Linux server
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 10 VDI

Linux Environments Have

Software environments: - PyCharm (community edition), IntelliJ IDEA (community edition), TOra, pgAdmin, Boa constructor (Python), Bluefish, Eclipse, Lazarus, CodeBlocks, IDLE (Python 2.7; Python 3.5), PyCrust
Plain text editors: - SciTE, (g)Vim, Emacs, gedit, Leafpad
Debuggers: - Data Display Debugger, The GNU Debugger
Text editors: - LibreOffice Writer
Spreadsheets: - LibreOffice Calc
Graphic applications: - Dia (diagrams), LibreOffice Draw, ImageMagick, GIMP, Inkscape, mtPaint, xfig, PyMOL, RasMol, Qgis, Grass gis, Avogadro
Mathematics: - wxMaxima, R, Octave, weka
Browsers: - Firefox ESR, Links 2, Chromium
Email: - Icedove(Thunderbird), mutt (tekstinė)
Documents: - Ghostscript, LyX, Texmaker, xdvi, xCHM
Network - WireShark, Remmina
Sound and image - VLC Player

Windows Environments Have

The names of Windows servers: queen*, kiss*, nirvana*.

In servers there are installed:
PyCharm, PhpStorm, DataGrip, CLion, RubyMine, WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, Rider, 7Zip, Alkonas, Axure RP Pro, Cisco Packet tracer, CodeBlocks, Dev-C++ (wxDev), DOSBox, Foxit Reader, Google Chrome, Git GUI, GitHub, Java (JDK, JRE), Lazarus, LibreOffice, Magic Draw UML 18.0, Matlab, Maxima, MS Office 2016, Dia, MS Visio, MS Visual Studio, NetBeans, Notepad++, Orange, Python 2.7, Prolog, R, Rstudio, Weka, WinSCP

Didlaukio st. 47, in D-303 classroom computers are installed:

7Zip, Alkonas, Cortona 3d viewer, DevC++ (wxDev), Foxit Reader(PDF reader), Ghostscript, Git, Java, LibreOffice, Maxima, Mozilla Firefox, MS Office, Notepad++, Putty, Python (2.7), VLC(Audio/Video Player), Google Chrome, SumatraPDF Cisco Packet Tracer, Flash player plugin, GNS3, SWI-Prolog, Unity, WinSCP, NetBeans IDE, CodeBlocks, XPS Viewer

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