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What is Microsoft Imagine? How to use it?

Microsoft Imagine is Microsoft application, which supports technical education, which provides totally free access to “Microsoft” software for educational and research purposes.

Who can get the access to Microsoft Imagine?

Access is granted automatically for all faculty students and lecturers who have VU email ( and it is valid for half a year from the date of issue. If a student continues studies longer than half of the year - access is extended automatically. When access is granted confirmation email is sent to VU email (lecturers have an opportunity to choose different email address).

How to connect to Microsoft imagine webpage?

Main URL . Username – Your email address (for students – the one with ending).

Did not receive a letter, what to do?

Sometimes confirmation emails may be late or do not reach its destination at all. So in order to check whether the access is granted or to change a password you may use followinglink (Username – your email address).

Any more doubts or misconceptions?

Contact us at pagalba [eta]

I Registered for Microsoft Imagine, but did not receive any letter

Registration is confirmed once a week. Check if confirmation email does not appear in directories “Juodraščiai” or “Šiukšliadežė”. Keep in mind that if you registered with wrong or incorrect VU email address you could not get the letter in any way. If you can not get letter by any ways try to ask for reminding it for you using address MSDN AA. If you are on the system the registration completion will be offered automatically.

JetBrains tools

VU students have an opportunity to use JetBrains created tools for learning purposes for totally no fee - (For logging in use VU email credentials)

MagicDraw temporary license for personal use

Faculty employees and students can freely use temporary license of MagicDraw.
License key.

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