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Login to Waldur via using LITNET FEDI or eduGAIN or a local user and password created for you (only for those who can't log in via eduGAIN/LITNET FEDI).

You can update your information under Manage .

Create the HPC user record needed to use HPC services in FreeIPA.

In the SSH keys section, you should upload and manage your HPC ssh login keys.

In Select workspace you can select the organisation (MIF users or VU users) and the project you have created for yourself e.g.

To see how many resources you have been given select Dashboard, then click Managed projects and select Resources.

In the project window you can select the resources provided, e.g: username in the HPCvult category.

In the Login with field, you should see the login information to HPC. To do this you need to use the user created in FreeIPA and the ssh key loaded in SSH keys.

In the Submit with field, you should see an example of how to submit tasks for calculations. The most important for you is the name of the SLURM account record in the form alloc_YYYY_XXXXXXXXXX. The monthly limits for this account are in that window under Backend ID.

For more information on the use of MIF HPC and examples of how to use it, see the hpc page. The login information there is for local MIF users only. Also the jupyterhub service is not available to you.

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