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Data Exchange With a Remote WinSCP Server

WinSCP is a free, open source graphical SFTP, SCP and FTP software for the Windows operating system. The main its function is the secure transfer of files between local and remote computers.

Download WinSCP here

WinSCP Instructions

Open WinSCP and enter the address of the server you want to connect to, your username and password in the pop-up window that automatically appears.

If you are on a MIF network and you do not need SSH key authorization, you can immediately connect to the server you need and exchange data.

If you are not on the MIF network - the server will require an ssh login for connection to a virtual server or supercomputer that are on the MIF network. You should do as follows:

  1. In the window that opens, click Advanced.
  2. Make a tunnel login: select Tunnel from the menu on the left and enter the in the Host name column and the logins of the MIF user.
  3. Choose Authentication on the left. Click on the three dots in the Private key file field and add your private SSH key and then press OK. You can read how to make an SSH key here
  4. When you return to the initial login window, enter the name or IP address of the server you are connecting to, your username and password if required. If you are using SSH key, you do not need to enter a password, but you will only be asked to enter the passphrase of the SSH key.

When you connect to the server, you will see:

  • on the left, your computer's disk data;
  • on the right, the file system of the server you are connected to.

To send data to the server, select the files on your computer's disk on the left and drag and drop them to the server's file system on the right. To download data, drag and drop the files from the right to the left.

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