Vilnius University Timetable
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics


Abstract Algebra, Compulsory
Academic Writing, Compulsory
Accounting, Optional
Actuarial Mathematics, Compulsory
Actuarial Mathematics, Optional
Additional Chapters of Combinatorics, Optional
Additional Chapters of Complex Analysis, Optional
Advanced Database Management Systems, Optional
Advanced Topics in Database Management Systems, Optional
Advanced Topics in Information Security, Compulsory
Agile Development with Ruby, Optional
AIX Operating Systems, Optional
Algebra, Compulsory
Algebra and Geometry, Compulsory
Algebra and Geometry I/II p., Compulsory
Algebra and Geometry II/II p., Compulsory
Algebra I/II p., Compulsory
Algebra II/II p., Compulsory
Algebra II/II p., Optional
Algorithm Analysis, Compulsory
Algorithm Analysis, Optional
Algorithm Design and Analysis, Compulsory
Algorithm Theory, Compulsory
Algorithm Theory, Optional
Algorithmic Number Theory, Optional
Algorithmic Problem Solving, Optional
Algorithms and Data Structures, Compulsory
Algorithms for Computer Games, Optional
Algorithms of Graph Theory, Optional
Analysis I/III p., Compulsory
Analysis II/III p., Compulsory
Analysis III/III p., Compulsory
Analysis of Statistical Data, Compulsory
Analytic Number Theory, Optional
Applied Object-Oriented Programming, Compulsory
Applied Object-Oriented Programming, Optional
Applied Physics, Compulsory
Applied Statistics, Compulsory
Artificial Intelligence, Compulsory
Artificial Intelligence, Optional
Artificial Neural Networks, Compulsory
Asymptotic Methods for Differential Equations, Optional
Asymptotic Methods for Differential Equations Boundary value problems, Optional
Asymptotic Statistics, Compulsory
Asset Allocation, Optional
Automata and Formal Languages, Compulsory
Automata and Formal Languages, Optional
Axiomatic Foundations of Geometry, Compulsory


Bayesian Econometrics, Optional
Bayesian Statistics, Compulsory
Bayesian Statistics, Optional
Banking, Optional
Basics of Discrete Mathematics, Compulsory
Basics of Discrete Mathematics, Optional
Basics of Informatics, Compulsory
Basics of Mathematical Modelling, Compulsory
Basics of Mathematical Modelling, Optional
Basics of Operator Theory, Optional
Basics of Programming and IT, Compulsory
Basics of Programming and IT, Optional
Basics of Scientific Research, Compulsory
Basics of Sociology, Compulsory
Basics of Virtualization, Optional
Behavioural Economics, Compulsory
Behavioural Economics, Optional
Big Data Analysis, Compulsory
Big Data Econometrics, Optional
Biochemistry, Compulsory
Bioinformatics, Compulsory
Bioinformatics, Optional
Bioinformatics I/IV p., Compulsory
Bioinformatics II/IV p., Compulsory
Bioinformatics III/IV p., Compulsory
Bioinformatics IV/IV p., Compulsory
Bioinformatics Programs Creating Methodologies, Compulsory
Biologinių sistemų teorija, Compulsory
Biomedical data analysis, Compulsory
Biometrics, Compulsory
Biomolecular Geometry, Optional
Business Intelligence, Optional
Business Process Automation, Optional
Business Process Modeling, Compulsory


Calculus of Variation, Optional
CASE Method, Optional
Categorical Data Analysis, Optional
Cell Biology, Compulsory
Censored Sampling Analysis, Compulsory
Censored Sampling Analysis, Optional
Chaos Theory and Fractals, Optional
Cloud Computing, Optional
Coding Theory, Compulsory
Coding Theory, Optional
Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Compulsory
Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Optional
Combinatorics and Probability Theory, Optional
Communication and Information Skills, Compulsory
Compiling Methods, Compulsory
Compiling Methods, Optional
Complementary Chapters of Functional Analysis, Compulsory
Complex Analysis, Optional
Computation Intelligence, Compulsory
Computation Intelligence, Optional
Computational Geometry Algorithms, Optional
Computational Intelligence and Decision Making, Optional
Computer Architecture, Compulsory
Computer Architecture, Optional
Computer Design of Teaching, Compulsory
Computer Graphics, Optional
Computer Graphics Algorithms and Technologies, Optional
Computer Networks, Compulsory
Computer Networks, Compulsory
Computer Networks, Optional
Computer Networks for Professionals I, Optional
Computer Networks for Professionals I. Advanced Routing, Optional
Computer Networks for Professionals II, Optional
Computer Networks II, Optional
Computer Technology, Optional
Computer-aided Modeling of Curves and Surfaces, Optional
Corporate Finance, Optional
Course Project, Compulsory
Course Project (Problem-based Project (IV semester)), Optional
Course Project (Problem-based Project (V semester)), Optional
Course Project (Problem-based Project (VI semester)), Optional
Course Work Project, Compulsory
Cryptography and Information Security, Compulsory
Cryptography and Information Security, Optional
Cryptographic Methods, Compulsory
Cryptographic Methods, Optional
Cryptographic Protocols, Optional
Cryptology, Optional


Data Analysis, Compulsory
Data Analysis, Compulsory
Data Analysis, Optional
Data Mining, Compulsory
Data Storage Technologies, Optional
Data Structures, Compulsory
Data Structures and Algorithms, Compulsory
Data Visualization, Compulsory
Data Visualization, Optional
Database Design, Optional
Database Management Systems, Compulsory
Database Management Systems, Optional
Database Query Languages, Optional
Deep Learning, Optional
Demographic Economics, Optional
Deterministical Mathematical Models, Optional
Didactics of Mathematics, Compulsory
Differential and Integral Equations, Compulsory
Differential Equations, Compulsory
Differential Equations, Optional
Differential Equations for Life Sciences, Optional
Differential Equations I/II p., Compulsory
Differential Equations I/II p., Optional
Differential Equations II/II p., Compulsory
Differential Equations II/II p., Optional
Digital Image Processing, Optional
Dynamic Aspects of Survival Theory, Optional
Dynamic Systems, Optional
Discrete Choice Models, Compulsory
Discrete Mathematics, Compulsory
Discrete Mathematics, Optional
Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms, Compulsory
Discrete Mathematics and Models of Computation, Compulsory
Discrete Optimization, Compulsory
Discrete Structures, Compulsory
Discrete Time Finance Models, Compulsory
Distributed Systems, Optional
Document Management System, Optional


Econometric Project, Compulsory
Econometrics, Compulsory
Econometrics I/II p., Compulsory
Econometrics II/II p., Compulsory
Economy of Public Sector, Optional
Economic Data Sources and Data Processing, Optional
Elective Subject, Complimentary
Electronic Data Networks and Data Visualization, Compulsory
Elementary Didactics of Algebra and Mathematical Analysis, Compulsory
Encoding and Cryptography, Optional
English Language (Profficiency), Compulsory
English Language I/II p. (Profficiency), Compulsory
English Language II/II p. (Profficiency), Compulsory
Enterprise Architecture Development, Optional
Enterprise IT Management, Optional
Equations of Mathematical Physics, Compulsory
Error Correcting Codes, Compulsory
Error Correcting Codes, Optional
Experiment Planning, Optional
Experimental Economics, Compulsory


Final Thesis, Compulsory
Financial Analysis, Optional
Financial Bubbles and Economic Crises, Optional
Financial Calculations, Compulsory
Financial Calculations, Optional
Financial Derivative Instruments, Optional
Financial Econometrics, Compulsory
Financial Econometrics Modeling, Compulsory
Financial Economics, Compulsory
Financial Economics, Optional
Financial Intelligence, Optional
Financial Mathematics, Compulsory
Financial Mathematics, Optional
Financial Models of Economics, Optional
Foreign Language (English) I/II p., Compulsory
Foreign Language (English) I/II p. (Professional), Compulsory
Foreign Language (English) II/II p., Compulsory
Foreign Language (English) II/II p. (Professional), Compulsory
Foreign Language (English) III/III p., Compulsory
Foreign Language (French) I/II p., Compulsory
Foreign Language (French) I/II p. (Professional), Compulsory
Foreign Language (French) II/II p., Compulsory
Foreign Language (French) II/II p. (Professional), Compulsory
Foreign Language (French) III/III p., Compulsory
Foreign Language (German) I/II p., Compulsory
Foreign Language (German) I/II p. (Professional), Compulsory
Foreign Language (German) II/II p., Compulsory
Foreign Language (German) II/II p. (Professional), Compulsory
Foreign Language (German) III/III p., Compulsory
Foreign Language (Lithuanian) I/II p., Compulsory
Foreign Language (Lithuanian) I/II p. (Professional), Compulsory
Foreign Language (Lithuanian) II/II p., Compulsory
Foreign Language (Lithuanian) II/II p. (Professional), Compulsory
Foreign Language (Lithuanian) III/III p., Compulsory
Foreign Language (Russian) I/II p., Compulsory
Foreign Language (Russian) I/II p. (Professional), Compulsory
Foreign Language (Russian) II/II p., Compulsory
Foreign Language (Russian) II/II p. (Professional), Compulsory
Foreign Language (Russian) III/III p., Compulsory
Foundations of Real Time Systems Design, Optional
Function Spaces, Compulsory
Function Spaces, Optional
Functional Analysis, Compulsory
Functional Data Analysis, Compulsory
Functional Programming, Compulsory
Functional Programming, Optional
Fundamentals of Business I/II p., Compulsory
Fundamentals of Business II/II p., Compulsory
Fundamentals of Economics, Compulsory
Fundamentals of Management, Compulsory
Fundamentals of Management, Optional
Fundamentals of Programming Methodology, Compulsory
Fundamentals of Scientific Research. Models of Mathematical Physics, Optional
Fundamentals of Scientific Research. Problems of Number Theory and Probability Theory, Optional


Game Theory, Optional
General Biology, Compulsory
General Course on Differential Equations, Optional
General Education Modules, None
General Education Modules, General university studies
General Mathematics Didactics, Compulsory
General Pedagogy, Compulsory
Generalized Linear Models, Compulsory
Genetics, Compulsory
Genetics, Compulsory
Geographical Information Systems, Optional
Geometry, Compulsory
Geometry and Vizualization, Compulsory
Geometry Didactics, Compulsory
Graph Algorithms, Compulsory
Graph Algorithms, Optional
Graph Theory, Compulsory
Graph Theory, Optional
Graphics and Vizualization Methods, Optional
Grid Computing Application, Optional


Harmonic Analysis, Optional
Health and Similar Insurances, Compulsory
Heuristic Algorithms for NP-complete Problems, Optional
High Frequency and Functional Data Analysis, Optional
History and Philosophy of Mathematics, Optional
History of Mathematics, Compulsory
Human Computer Interaction, Compulsory
Human Computer Interaction, Optional
Human-Computer Interaction, Compulsory
Human-Computer Interaction Design, Optional


Images and Signals Analysis and Processing, Compulsory
Images and Signals Analysis and Processing, Optional
Informatics, Compulsory
Informatics Didactic, Compulsory
Informatics I/II p., Compulsory
Informatics II/II p., Compulsory
Informatics Law, Compulsory
Informatics Law, Optional
Information and Coding, Compulsory
Information and Groupware Systems, Compulsory
Information Computarisation, Optional
Information Security, Optional
Information Security Management, Compulsory
Information Security Management, Optional
Information Systems, Optional
Information Systems Audit, Optional
Information Theory, Compulsory
Information Theory, Optional
Information Theory and Data Mining, Optional
Informational Teaching Technologies, Compulsory
Infrastucture of Electronic Signature and Electronic Commerce, Optional
Insurance Law, Compulsory
Insurance Probability Risk Models, Optional
Integral Eguations, Optional
Interactive Systems, Optional
International Finance, Optional
Internet and Multimedia Technology, Compulsory
Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory, Optional
Introduction to Business Process Management, Optional
Introduction to Computer Architecture, Compulsory
Introduction to Econometrics Studies, Compulsory
Introduction to Empirical Processes, Optional
Introduction to Financial and Insurance Mathematics, Compulsory
Introduction to Galois Theory, Optional
Introduction to Master Thesis, Compulsory
Introduction to Philosophy, Compulsory
Introduction to Psychology, Compulsory
Introduction to Robotics, Optional
Introduction to Statistics, Compulsory
Introduction to UML and MDA, Optional
IT and Communication Skills, Compulsory
IT Governance in Organization, Optional
IT Project Management, Optional


JAVA Technologies, Compulsory
JAVA Technologies, Optional


Knowledge Representation, Optional


Life and Health Insurance Models, Optional
Life Insurance. Health Insurance, Compulsory
Linear Algebra and Geometry, Compulsory
Logic Programming, Optional


Macroeconometrics, Compulsory
Macroeconomic Theory, Optional
Macroeconomics, Compulsory
Mainframe Technologies, Optional
Management of Financial Risk, Compulsory
Managing Projects and Programmes, Compulsory
Marketing, Optional
Markov Chains, Compulsory
Master Graduate Project, Compulsory
Master Research Seminar, Compulsory
Master Thesis Preparation I/II p., Compulsory
Master Thesis Preparation II/II p., Compulsory
Master's Thesis Seminar, Compulsory
Matematikos ir informatikos studentams, None
Mathematical Analysis, Compulsory
Mathematical Analysis, Optional
Mathematical Analysis I/II p., Compulsory
Mathematical Analysis I/III p., Compulsory
Mathematical Analysis I/IV p., Compulsory
Mathematical Analysis II/II p., Compulsory
Mathematical Analysis II/III p., Compulsory
Mathematical Analysis II/IV p., Compulsory
Mathematical Analysis III/III p., Compulsory
Mathematical Analysis III/III p., Optional
Mathematical Analysis III/IV p., Compulsory
Mathematical Analysis IV/IV p., Compulsory
Mathematical Analysis V/V p., Compulsory
Mathematical Economics, Optional
Mathematical Logic, Compulsory
Mathematical Metodology and Research Work Seminar, Compulsory
Mathematical Modeling, Compulsory
Mathematical Modeling, Optional
Mathematical Modeling in Ecology, Compulsory
Mathematical Models and Solution by Numerical Methods, Optional
Mathematical Statistics, Compulsory
Mathematical Statistics, Optional
Mathematical Statistics I/III p., Compulsory
Mathematical Statistics II/III p., Compulsory
Mathematical Statistics II/IV p., Compulsory
Mathematical Statistics III/III p., Compulsory
Mathematical Statistics III/IV p., Compulsory
Mathematical Statistics IV/IV p., Compulsory
Mathematical Theory of Navier-Stokes Equations, Optional
Mathematical Writing at Higher Level, Compulsory
Mathematical Writing at Higher Level, Optional
Mathematics for Informatics, Compulsory
Mathematics for Informatics I/III p., Compulsory
Mathematics for Informatics II/III p., Compulsory
Mathematics for Informatics III/III p., Compulsory
Mathematics for Information Systems Engineering, Compulsory
Mathematics for Software Engineering I/III p., Compulsory
Mathematics for Software Engineering II/III p., Compulsory
Mathematics for Software Engineering III/III p., Compulsory
Mathematics in Modern Finance, Optional
Mathematics of Financial Markets, Optional
MATLAB Programming, Optional
Measure and Integral Theory, Compulsory
Measure Theory, Optional
Measure Theory I/II p., Optional
Measure Theory II/II p., Optional
Mechanics, Compulsory
Methodology of Mathematical Substandart Problems Solution, Optional
Methods of Nonlinear Modelling, Compulsory
Microeconomic Analysis, Compulsory
Microeconomic Analysis, Optional
Microeconomics, Compulsory
Mobile Phone Application Development, Optional
Modelling and Verification of Software-based Systems, Compulsory
Modelling and Verification of Software-based Systems, Optional
Modelling of Natural and Social Phenomenona, Optional
Modern Economic Thought, Compulsory
Modern Economic Thought, Optional
Modern Mathematical Economics, Optional
Molecular Biology, Compulsory
Monte-Carlo Method, Optional
Multidimensional Data Structures, Optional
Multiparametric Statistics, Compulsory
Multivariate Data Visualization, Optional
Multivariate Statistics, Compulsory
Multivariate Statistics, Optional
Multivariate Time Series and Financial Econometrics, Compulsory
Music and Mathematics, General university studies


Network Security, Compulsory
Network Security, Optional
Neuroinformatics, Compulsory
Non-Life Insurance, Compulsory
Non-Life Insurance, Optional
Non-Life Insurance Models, Compulsory
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Optional
NoSQL Databases, Optional
Number Theory, Compulsory
Number Theory, Optional
Numerical Methods, Compulsory
Numerical Methods, Optional
Numerical Methods for Differential Equations, Optional
Numerical Methods for Evolutionary Differential Equations, Optional
Numerical Methods I/II p., Compulsory
Numerical Methods I/II p., Optional
Numerical Methods II/II p., Optional


Object Databases, Optional
Object Oriented Programming C++, Compulsory
Object Oriented Programming C++, Optional
Object Oriented Technologies, Optional
Object Programming with Python, Optional
Object-Oriented Programming, Compulsory
Object-Oriented Programming, Optional
Object-Oriented Programming JAVA, Compulsory
Object-Oriented Programming JAVA, Optional
Official Statistics, Compulsory
Official Statistics, Optional
Operating Systems, Compulsory
Operating Systems, Optional
Operation Research, Compulsory
Operation Research, Optional
Optimization Algorithms in Parallel Computation Grid Environment, Optional
Optimization Methods, Compulsory
Optimization Methods, Optional
Oracle PL/SQL Programming, Optional
OS UNIX Programming, Optional


Packages of Statistical Programs, Compulsory
Packages of Statistics, Compulsory
Panel Data Econometrics, Optional
Papildomas matematikos kursas, Complimentary
Parallel and Distributed Computing, Compulsory
Parallel and Distributed Computing, Optional
Parallel Computing, Compulsory
Parallel Computing, Optional
Parallel Programming, Optional
Parametric and Nonparametric Econometrics, Compulsory
Parametric and Nonparametric Econometrics, Optional
Parametric and Nonparametric Statistics, Compulsory
Parametric and Nonparametric Statistics, Optional
Partial Differential Equations, Compulsory
Partial Differential Equations, Optional
Pedagogy Practice, Compulsory
Pedagogy Practice I/III p., Compulsory
Pedagogy Practice II/III p., Compulsory
Pedagogy Practice III/III p., Compulsory
Pedagogical and Evolution Psychology, Compulsory
Pension Funds, Optional
Philosophy of Education, Compulsory
Physical Chemistry, Compulsory
Physical Fundamentals of Electronics, Optional
Physics, Compulsory
Physics, Optional
Physics for Informatics, Optional
PYTHON Programming, Optional
Practical Aspects of DBMS, Optional
Practical Econometrics I/II p., Compulsory
Practical Econometrics II/II p., Compulsory
Practical Informatics, Compulsory
Practical Informatics I/II p., Compulsory
Practical Informatics II/II p., Compulsory
Practical Investment Foundations, Compulsory
Predictive analytics, Optional
Probabilistic Combinatorics, Optional
Probability Theory, Compulsory
Probability Theory, Optional
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Compulsory
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Optional
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics I/II p., Compulsory
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics II/II p., Compulsory
Probability Theory I/II p., Compulsory
Probability Theory II/II p., Compulsory
Problem-based Project, Compulsory
Problem-based Project, Optional
Procedural Programming, Compulsory
Process Theory I/II p., Compulsory
Process Theory II/II p., Compulsory
Professional Practice, Compulsory
Professionalism and Ethics, Compulsory
Programavimo pagrindai, Compulsory
Programming for Windows.NET, Optional
Programming in Cloud Computing, Compulsory
Programming in Cloud Computing, Optional
Programming in LOGO, Optional
Programming Language C, Compulsory
Programming Languages, Compulsory
Programming Languages, Optional
Programming Windows API, Optional
Project Management, Compulsory
Project Management, Optional
Project Work, Optional
Project Work, Optional
Psychology of Adolescence, Compulsory


Quality Control Systems, Compulsory
Queueing Theory, Optional


Randomized Algorithms, Optional
Regional Economics and Politics, Optional
Regression Models, Compulsory
Reliability Theory, Compulsory
Reliability Theory, Optional
Requirements Engineering, Compulsory
Requirements Engineering, Optional
Requirements Engineering Fundamentals, Compulsory
Research Methodology of Pedagogical Activity, Optional
Research Seminar, Compulsory
Risk Management, Compulsory
Risk Management, Optional
Risk Theory, Compulsory
Risk Theory, Optional


Sampling Methods, Compulsory
Sampling Methods, Optional
Sampling Theory, Compulsory
Scientific Research Work, Compulsory
Scientific Research Work (Scientific Research Project), Compulsory
Scientific Research Work I/III p., Compulsory
Scientific Research Work II/II p., Compulsory
Scientific Research Work II/III p., Compulsory
Scientific Research Work III/III p., Compulsory
Scientific Research Work Project, Compulsory
Scientific Seminar I/II p., Optional
Secure Dynamic Internet, Optional
Secure Internet Technologies, Compulsory
Secure Network, Optional
Secure Operation Systems, Optional
Selected Chapters of Number Theory, Compulsory
Selected Topics in Algebra, Compulsory
Selected Topics in Analysis, Compulsory
Selected Topics in Analysis, Optional
Selected Topics in Analysis I/II p., Compulsory
Selected Topics in Analysis II/II p., Compulsory
Selected Topics in Coding Theory, Optional
Selected Topics in Discrete Structures, Compulsory
Service Economy, Optional
Service Management, Compulsory
Service-oriented Computing, Optional
Simulation Methods in Econometrics, Optional
System Security Audit, Optional
Software Acquisition and Maintenance, Optional
Software Architecture, Compulsory
Software Architecture, Optional
Software Architecture and Design, Compulsory
Software Architecture and Design, Optional
Software Design, Compulsory
Software Development, Compulsory
Software Engineering, Compulsory
Software Engineering, Optional
Software Engineering I/II, Compulsory
Software Engineering II/II, Compulsory
Software Engineering Methods and Tools, Compulsory
Software Engineering Methods and Tools, Optional
Software Localization, Optional
Software Process, Compulsory
Software process Assessment and Improvement, Compulsory
Software Projects and Quality Management, Compulsory
Software Quality, Optional
Software Statistical Analysis, Optional
Software Testing, Compulsory
Software Testing and Configuration Management, Optional
Spatial Data Bases, Compulsory
Spatial Databases, Optional
Speciality Language, Compulsory
Speciality Language, Optional
Stability Theory, Optional
Statistical Data Analysis, Optional
Statistical Data Analysis Methods, Compulsory
Statistical Data Research, Compulsory
Statistical Data Theory, Compulsory
Statistical Data Theory, Optional
Statistical Learning Algorithms, Compulsory
Statistical Modelling, Optional
Statistical Models, Optional
Statistical Models in Medicine, Optional
Statistics, Compulsory
Statistics I/II p., Compulsory
Statistics I/II p., Optional
Statistics II/II p., Compulsory
Statistics in Education Research, Optional
Stochastic Analysis, Compulsory
Stochastic Analysis, Optional
Stochastic Differential Equations, Optional
Stochastic Models in Reliability, Compulsory
Stochastic Models of Financial Mathematics, Optional
Stochastic Processes, Compulsory
Stochastic Processes I/II p., Compulsory
Stochastic Processes II/II p., Compulsory
Stochastic Processes Theory, Optional
Stochastics and Number Theory in School Mathematics, Optional
Strategies of Logical Thinking and Creativity for Non-Mathematicians, General university studies
Supplementary Chapters of Mathematical Analysis, Optional
Survival Analysis, Compulsory
Survival Demographic Models, Compulsory
Survival Demographic Models, Optional


Technological Foundations of E-Commerce, Optional
TEST, Complimentary
Test Theory in Statistical Surveys, Compulsory
The Econometrics of Industrial Organization, Compulsory
The Econometrics of Industrial Organization, Optional
Theory of Biological Systems, Compulsory
Theory of Complex Variable Functions, Compulsory
Theory of Complex Variable Functions, Optional
Theory of Economics (Microeconomics), Compulsory
Theory of Economics I/II p., Compulsory
Theory of Economics II/II p., Compulsory
Theory of Investments, Compulsory
Time Series, Compulsory
Time Series, Compulsory
Time Series, Optional
Time Series Analysis, Compulsory
Time Series Analysis, Optional


UNIX Operating Systems, Compulsory
UNIX Operating Systems, Optional
User Interface Design, Compulsory


Variational Calculus and Optimal Control, Optional
Variational Methods for Nonlinear Phenomenons, Optional
Video Game Design and Development, Optional
Vyriškumo studijos, General university studies
Virtual Teaching Environments, Optional
Virtualization Basics, Compulsory
Visual Programming, Compulsory
Visual Programming, Optional


Weak Convergence of Measures, Optional
Web Programming, Compulsory
Web Programming, Optional