Seminaras „The other side of tech product: how to increase your chances of business success with PR“

Data: spalio 29 d. 15 val.

Vieta: VU MIF Informatikos institutas, 101 a. (Didlaukio g. 47).

Pranešėja: Julija Jegorova, Black Unicorn PR.

Pranešimo tema: The other side of tech product: how to increase your chances of business success with PR (pranešimas bus anglų kalba)

Seminaras organizuojamas bendradarbiaujant su VU Komunikacijos fakultetu ir finansuojamas pagal Erasmus+ programą.

Contents of the presentation

A few things that will be discussed:

  1. Overview of the startup scene in the Baltics and Europe.
  2. Need for communication skills. Tech-focused people are amazing at building things, but might be lacking "comms" skills (to promote // sell their product); this is especially evident in the Baltics - how to fix it to scale globally.
  3. Tech companies Black Unicorn PR worked with + what was their approach to PR.
  4. What to bear in mind when scaling internationally.
  5. PR as a "strategic science". It acts like "glue" to bring people, skills and ideas together.

Short bio. Julija (JJ) Jegorova is the Founder of London-based public relations agency Black Unicorn PR, a new breed of comms agency specialising in technology startups and scaleups from across Europe.

Julija is a trained journalist, but she has spent the past decade working in PR across the world, including ASUS, TomTom and Visa before shifting her focus towards the world of startups in 2015. She's secured media placements for her clients in publications such as BBC, Forbes, Financial Times, Entrepreneur, The New York Times and The Guardian among others. In 2018, Black Unicorn PR opened its second office in Vilnius, Lithuania. JJ can be found jet-hopping across Europe delivering talks on PR and Communications as well as workshops and mentoring sessions.

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