About the programmme

Mode of studies and duration: full-time (2 years)

Study programme volume: 120 credits

Language(s) of instruction: Lithuanian/ English

Tuition Fees:

Qualification degree awarded: Master of Mathematical Sciences in Mathematics

Admission requirements: Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification

The purpose of Mathematics programme is to train qualified specialists who have advanced knowledge in pure and applied mathematics as well as strong problem solving skills so that they can successfully tackle challenging scientific, industrial, economic problems.

Why Mathematics?

  • The programme provides a solid background applicable branches of mathematics (differential equations, number theory, probability theory), develops necessary skills for research and applications.
  • Courses of Pure Mathematics in Study Programme make about two-thirds of the course. Much attention is paid to the theory of various equations (functional, differential, integral, stochastic) and various methods (numerical, variational, asymptotic) for solving such equations. Deeper studies are in Number theory, Measure theory, Probabilistic models.
  • Scientific research in number theory, differential equations and numerical analysis is realized.
  • The Master's thesis can be both from the pure mathematics and the applied mathematics.


Career opportunities

Graduates will be able to work in science and education institutions, high-technology industries, agencies of data analysis and social investigations, management institutions. Graduates will also be able to pursue a career in any other sphere, where their mathematical knowledge, analytical skills and ability to use specialized software are needed

International mobility

Students can participate in ERASMUS+ mobility programme which gives an opportunity to study at VU’s Partner University or do internship abroad.