Erasmus+ studentams

Participating in Erasmus+ program is allowed if:

  • student doesn't have any academical debt;
  • average of the results for last two semesters is not less than 7;
  • participant has completed second year in bachelor or first year in master studies;
  • student hasn't been in any Erasmus program longer than for 12 months.

Learning agreement for students

Example of learning agreement for students is here. You have to fill in 1-3 pages. Study plan (on second page) should be approved by committee of your study program. Then, sign your contract, scan it and send it to the Erasmus coordinator of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics - Kristina Kaulakytė ().

If there are any changes in study plan, please make changes to the original learning agreement and re-send it.

After studies

After Erasmus studies, please bring your transcript of records to student office (Naugarduko st. 24, room no. 108).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Erasmus coordinator Kristina Kaulakytė ().

Erasmus+ for academical staff

Erasmus+ program supports these activities for academical staff: mobility training, preparatory visits, multilateral projects, mobility of teaching, organization of intensive programs. Read more on VU website.