Digital science and computing center

About center

The main function of the Digital Science and Computing Center (DiSCC) is to manage, develop and effectively use computer-based resources of the faculty, which are used for both study and scientific researches.

DiSCC pays a special attention to cooperation projects between scientific and public or private institutions, their partnership and elaborated feasibilities, in search for effective digitalization areas of Lithuanian economy and public sector, identification of such areas and implementation of suitable cooperation projects.

DiSCC also has a task to manage efficiently, elaborate and use computing resources of the Faculty, for the purposes of students‘ studies and for research work, for the implementation of newest trends in information technologies. The priority in this field belongs to grid, cloud and HPC computing technologies, to what they can offer to science and studies, as well as to public sector or business.

DiSCC is expected to be translated into international center, attractive for computer scientists, industry, foreign partners and for the state as a customer, helping them to digitize areas of activities by using most suitable scientific and technological initiatives.

Our main competences are:

  • providing services for students from each faculty or department;
  • offer IT resources on demand;
  • Lithuanian Grid infrastructure managament;
  • Cloud computing implementation and managament;
  • digital modelling services;
  • providing HPC for scientists and researchers;
  • offer data store resources.

Our mission - is to establish a translational environment for the transfer of knowledge and research results to specific areas of economics and to innovative digital products, maximally shortening the path from generation and exploration of new scientific ideas to computationally intensive market products.

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Vice-dean  dr. Povilas Treigys

  • phone +370 5 219 5008
  • email
  • Didlaukio st. 47, 204 room or Šaltinių st. 1A, 26 room.

Help desk:

  • phone +370 5 219 5006, +370 5 219 3058
  • email
  • Didlaukio st. 47, 302, 304 rooms or Šaltinių st. 1A, 20 room.

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