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Visiting Scientist Opportunity at Fermilab: CMS Data Transfer Operations Expert

Apie įmonę:

The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) is an experiment that investigates a wide range of physics using the
Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva Switzerland. The CMS collaboration uses a large and
distributed computing infrastructure to record, process and analyze CMS data and simulation at petabyte
scales. CMS Computing Operations manages these central workflows starting with processing freshly
recorded data at CERN, to re-processing data and producing Monte Carlo simulations at worldwide
distributed computing centers. CMS Computing Operations also maintains and manages large scale data
movements between these different centers and collaborates with the admins of the more than 63
computing sites to maintain and sustain functional services and resources used by central workflows and
physicists performing analysis of detector data and simulations.
Computing systems used at and between the different sites are based on Grid technologies and use
sophisticated software to achieve the required high scales of transfer volumes and processing throughput.
State of the art programming technologies are used for the different systems. The processing
infrastructure is based on distributed state-machines that handle job submission and tracking. The data
transfer system is based on a highly performant agent infrastructure both centrally and at the individual
computing centers. All systems use latest database technologies, both local to the systems and
distributed, both relational and NoSQL database systems. Central services use a hierarchical http cache
infrastructure to provide access to alignment and calibration constants of the detector to all jobs running
on the Grid. To check the performance of the sites, a sophisticated test suite is probing the different
services of each Grid site regularly and allows for early discovery and mitigation of problems. The
uninterrupted service of all sites and central services is the basis for successful delivery of all centrally
produced samples to the CMS collaboration and to guarantee analysis access for all physicists to
produce high quality physics results. Expert operators are needed to continually monitor all central
workflows, transfers and site performance because most of the workflows are time critical and very
important for the overall success of the CMS experiment. A good overview is shown in the following
animation: http://cds.cern.ch/record/1541893?ln=en

Darbo pobūdis:

To support the central operations project, we are looking for one visiting scientist located at Fermilab to
operate the transfer system of CMS. On average, weekly about 2.5 PB is transferred between all CMS
sites. The successful candidate would monitor the system, maintain its health and debug transfer
problems together with site admins and transfer system developers. The successful candidate would be
responsible to regularly probe the distributed caches of data for consistency with the central catalogues,
and maintain the "PhEDEx" data transfer agent handling the U.S. Tier 3 centers.. The successful
candidate would receive training and constant technical advice and would be working with development
teams of other parts of the CMS computing infrastructure.


  • Experience with python and bash scripting
  • Experience with Linux and shells
  • Experience with software development and code design
  • Good Communications Skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • (Basic) Experience with SQL databases (Oracle knowledge is a plus)
  • Knowledge of batch systems and mass storage systems is a plus
  • Knowledge of GRID infrastructure and GRID technologies is a plus
  • Master degree

Įmonė siūlo:

This is an opening for a term visiting scientist stay at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in
Batavia, Illinois, USA. The successful candidate is required to have a master's or higher degree in
engineering, computing, mathematics or natural sciences. The successful candidate is required to
maintain close ties to the home university, keep local institute members informed about the progress and
facilitate information exchange with the local institute. The stay is limited to 1 year with the possibility for
an extension for a second year. (responsible for taxes 2nd year)
The successful candidate is provided with:

  • Per diem according to the GSA rate (currently per day).
  • A single room with single occupancy in shared housing on the Fermilab site ( we are unable to accommodate family members in this housing).
  • A rental car.
  • Travel to Fermilab and back to the home institute.
  • One visit of two weeks to the home institute during the stay to give a seminar.
  • Vacation days are in accordance with the Fermilab employees Policy.
  • The Fermilab visa office is providing assistance to acquire a student visa.
  • Health insurance is required to be procured by the successful candidate.


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