About the programmme

Mode of studies and duration: full-time (1,5 years)

Study programme volume: 90 credits

Language(s) of instruction: Lithuanian/ English

Tuition Fees:

Qualification degree awarded: Master of Mathematical Sciences in Statistics

Admission requirements: Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification

The principal aim of the programme is to prepare highly qualified econometricians able to apply the laws and principles of econometrics to model and investigate the Lithuanian economy as well as to assist to improve the competitiveness of Lithuanian bussiness.

Why Econometrics?

  • The aim of the programme is to educate internationally recognized professionals in Econometrics who expertly utilize the up-to-date knowledge of Economics and Statistics in developing advanced econometric models for private and public institutions for planning, forecasting and evaluation of their activities.
  • The programme offers internationally competitive Master’s level econometric education.
  • Teachers are actively involved in research at the international level with an extensive experience in applied projects. The level of the programme enables to continue further studies at universities abroad: the Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom, Spain, etc.

Career opportunities

The analytical modelling, planning, and forecasting work opportunities at various levels are open for Masters in Econometrics in: research centres; financial institutions in private sector (e.g. pension funds, stock exchanges, insurance companies, commercial banks, Hi Tech start-ups); consulting firms; the analysis and planning units of business enterprises; central banks, ministries, and other public sector institutions.

International mobility

Students can participate in ERASMUS+ mobility programme which gives an opportunity to study at VU’s Partner University or do internship abroad.