Computer Modeling

About the programmme

Mode of studies and duration: full-time (1,5 years)

Study programme volume: 90 credits

Language(s) of instruction: Lithuanian/ English

Tuition Fees: 3236 EUR /year (for EU students); 6438 (for non-EU students)

Qualification degree awarded: Master of Information Sciences in Informatics

Admission requirements: Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification

The Computer Modeling programme ensures to use computer modeling technologies and participate in their development, to imply the generation and analysis of hypotheses and ideas, scientific, empirical and applied research, interpretation of results, to develop research and analytical skills, professional ethics code, to generate reports.


Why Computer Modeling?

The specific character of programme is constant improvements of various kind, as adding courses of cloud computing, of images and signal processing, of web services, etc. Students will gain also skills to research work, including HPC (high performance  computing), Grid/ Cloud computing, or using supercomputer.


Career opportunities

Positions in enterprises in the national or private sector where the applied practical or scientific computing is undertaken or problems in physical sciences are solved using mathematical or computer models that benefit by modern technologies. Also doctoral studies in informatics (computer science), software engineering, and information technologies are suitable.


International mobility

Students can participate in ERASMUS+ mobility programme which gives an opportunity to study at VU’s Partner University or do internship abroad.