Department of Probability Theory and Number Theory


Phone: +370 5 219 3072,+370 5 219 3077, +370 5 219 3078, +370 5 219 3079, +370 5 219 3081

Naugarduko st. 24, Vilnius

Head of the department - Artūras Dubickas (prof. habil. dr.)

Senior specialist - Rima Stančikienė ()

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Information for students

Bachelor final thesis is about 15-20 pages mathematical text. Students choose supervisors at the begining of last study year.  Supervisor could be from our department or the Department of Differential Equations and Numerical Mathematics. Bachelor final thesis should be written in Latex (template here). If you have any questions, contact us: senior specialist Rima Stančikienė ().

Internship is a part of student learning programme, providing the opportunity for student to consolidate and improve his general knowledge and skills, gained in the education process, by accomplishing professional tasks in accordance with company demand.

Internship system.

Study programme

Bachelor in Mathematics and Applications of Mathematics:


Department Staff

Aidas Balčiūnas (dr.)
Paulius Drungilas (prof. dr.)
Artūras Dubickas (prof. habil. dr.) /Chair of the department/
Audrius Kačėnas (dr.)
Romualdas Kašuba (doc. dr)
Antanas Laurinčikas (prof. habil. dr.)
Eugenijus Manstavičius (prof. habil. dr.)
Edmundas Mazėtis (doc. dr.)
Gintautas Misevičius (doc. dr. affiliated scientist)
Aivaras Novikas (dr.)
Rima Stančikienė /senior specialist/
Vytautas Stepas (dr.)
Albertas Zinevičius (dr.)


Current PhD students

Martynas Burbulevičius
Violeta Franckevič
Laima Kaziulytė
Asta Mincevič
Tadas Panavas
Jurgita Petuškinaitė
Mindaugas Stoncelis
Agneta Šmergelytė
Piotr Tarasov
Gediminas Vadeikis
Adelė Vaiginytė