Courses for Erasmus students

Up to date timetable of courses will be available at "Lecture Timetable" by the end of August.

For students' convenience: * indicates blocks of courses that do not overlap in the timetable, comp - compulsory, opt - optional. 

Autumn semester

Study program Course title Study level Type No of ECTS credits Professor
Semester 1         
   Microeconomic Analysis*  Master comp 5 lect. Dmitrij Celov
   Multivariate Statistics*  Master comp 5 prof. Vydas Čekanavičius
   Panel Data Econometrics*  Master opt 5 lect. Vaidotas Zemlys
   Parametric and Nonparametric Econometrics*  Master comp 10 prof. Marijus Radvičius
Semester 3         
   High frequency and functional data analysis (Mikroeconometric models)  Master opt 5 prof. Alfredas Račkauskas
 Financial and Actuarial Mathematics     
 Semester 1         
   Non-life insurance*  Master  comp  5  prof. Jonas Šiaulys
   Probability theory and mathematical statistics*  Master  comp  7  prof. Jonas Šiaulys
   Selected chapters of analysis*  Master  comp  6  lect. Kęstutis Liubinskas
   Stochastic analysis*  Master  comp  6  prof. Vigirdas Mackevičius
   Time series analysis*  Master  comp  6  lect. Danas Zuokas
 Semester 3         
   Pension Funds  Master  opt  5  lect. Aldona Skučaitė
   Risk management  Master  opt 5 assoc. prof. Martynas Manstavičius
 Semester 1         
   Methods of Cryptography  Master  opt  6  assoc. prof. Vilius Stakėnas
 Semester 3         
   Heuristic Algorithms for NP-complete Problems  Master  opt  6  prof. Antanas Žilinskas
 Computer Modeling     
Semester 1         
  Methods of Nonlinear Modeling* Master comp 6 assoc. prof. dr. Tadas Meškauskas
  Secure internet technologies* Master comp 6 dr. Rytis Rainys
  Spatial Databases* Master comp 6 dr. Alminas Čivilis
  Programming in Cloud Computing* Master comp 6 dr. Rimantas Kybartas
  Computational geometry algorithms Master opt 6 assoc. prof. Severinas Zubė
  Multidimensional Data Structures Master opt 6 prof. Algimantas Juozapavicius
  Secure Networks Master opt 6 dr. Valdas Rapševičius
Semester 3         
  Master Thesis* Master opt 30 prof. Algimantas Juozapavicius
Semester 1         
  Function spaces* Master comp 6 lect. Kristina Kaulakytė
  Integral Equations* Master opt 6 lect. Kristina Kaulakytė
Semester 3         
  Mathematical Theory of Navier-Stokes Equations Master opt 6 prof. Konstantinas Pileckas
Mathematics and Didactics of Mathematics
Semester 1         
  Discrete mathematics and Algorithms* Master comp 5 prof. Eugenijus Manstavičius
  Information technology in teaching* Master comp 5 prof. Valentina Dagienė
  Psychology of adolescents and youth* Master comp 5 dr. Robertas Povilaitis
Semester 3         
  Computer-aided teaching design* Master comp 5 assoc. prof. Tatjana Jevsikova
  History of Mathematics* Master comp 5 assoc. prof. Vilius Stakėnas
  Statistical data analysis* Master comp 5 prof. Vilijandas Bagdonavičius
Software Engineering
 Semester 1         
   Parallel and Distributed Computing*  Master  comp  5  prof. Rimantas Vaicekauskas
   Project Management*  Master  comp  6  dr. Giedrius Slivinskas
   Requirements Engineering*  Master  comp  7  prof. dr. Albertas Čaplinskas
   Software Systems Architecture and Design* Master comp 6 Donatas Čiukšys
Semester 3         
  Software Systems Testing and Configuration Management Master comp 6 Andrius Adamonis
Information Technologies
Semester 1         
  Basics of Programming and IT* Bachelor comp 5 lect. Tomas Lipnevičius
  Discrete Mathematics* Bachelor comp 5 prof. Algimantas Juozapavičius
Semester 3         
  Database Management Systems* Bachelor comp 5 lect. dr. Linas Bukauskas
  Software Engineering* Bachelor comp 5 lect. Kazimieras Mickus
  Problem-Based Project* Bachelor comp 15 lect. dr. Agnė Brilingaitė
Semester 5         
  Computer Networks Bachelor comp 10 lect. Eduardas Kutka
  Programming Windows API Bachelor opt 5 lect. dr. Tomas Plankis
  Algorithms for Computer Games Bachelor opt 5 lect dr. Mantas Puida
  “Mainframe” technologies ITMT Bachelor opt 5 lect. Gražina Jonutytė
Semester 7         
  Final Thesis Bachelor opt 15 lect. dr. Linas Bukauskas

Spring semester

Study program Course title Study level Type No of ECTS credits Professor
 Financial and Actuarial Mathematics     
 Semester 2         
  Financial mathematics*  Master  comp  6 assoc. Prof. Martynas Manstavičius
  Risk theory*  Master  comp  6  prof. Jonas Šiaulys
  Dynamic aspects of survival theory*  Master  opt  4  prof. Jonas Šiaulys
  Financial Derivatives*  Master  opt  5  lect. Kęstutis Liubinskas
  Stochastic models of financial mathematics*  Master  opt
 5  prof. Vigirdas Mackevičius
 Computer Modeling     
Semester  2        
  Data Mining* Master comp 5  lect. dr. Linas Bukauskas
  JAVA technologies* Master comp 5 dr. Valdas Rapševičius 
  Signal and Image Analysis and Processing* Master comp 6 prof. Algimantas Juozapavičius 
  Computer-aided modeling of curvse and surfaces Master opt 5 assoc. prof. Kęstutis Karčiauskas 
  Data Visualization Master opt 5 dr. Julius Žilinskas 
  Information Security Managament Master opt 5 dr. Gintaras Skersys 
  Optimization Algorithms in Grid Environment Master opt 5  assoc. prof. Tadas Meškauskas
Semester 2         
  Partial Differential Equations* Master comp 7 prof. Konstantinas Pileckas 
  Numerical methods for differential equations* Master opt 6  prof. Artūras Štikonas
Mathematics and Didactics of Mathematics
Semester 2         
  Integrative Mathematics Eduaction* Master comp 5 dr. Aistė Elijio 
  Axiomatic foundations of geometry* Master comp 5  assoc. prof. Romualdas Kašuba
Software Engineering
 Semester 2         
   Software Process Assessment and Improvement*  Master  comp  6 assoc. prof. dr. Antanas Mitašiūnas 
   Enterprise Architecture Driven Development*  Master  comp  6 prof. dr. Saulius Gudas 
   Human Computer Interaction Design*  Master  comp  6 dr. Kristina Lapin 
   Software Quality* Master comp  5  assoc. prof. dr. Sigitas Dapkūnas
Information Technologies
Semester 2         
  Data Structures* Bachelor comp 5 prof. dr. Algimantas Juozapavičius 
  Object-Oriented Programming* Bachelor comp 5 lect. dr. Agnė Brilingaitė 
  UNIX Operating Systems Bachelor comp 5 lect. Rytis Malakauskas 
Semester 4         
  Data Storage Technologies* Bachelor comp 5 lect. Ramūnas Markauskas 
Semester 6         
  Network Security* Bachelor comp 3 lect. Martynas Savickas 
  Service Managament* Bachelor comp 5 lect. Vaida Masiulionytė - Dagienė 
  Software Architecture* Bachelor comp 5 lect. Kazimieras Mickus 
  Computer Graphics Bachelor opt 5 assoc. prof. dr. Rimvydas Krasauskas 
  Computer Networks for Professionals: Routing Bachelor opt 5  lect. Eduardas Kutka