Online storytelling workshop with Milda

2020 10 12 Storytelling

26th of October from 4PM till 8 PM and 27th of October from 3PM till 6PM. With coffee breaks!

We are inviting you to join a 2-day storytelling workshop for all English speaking students at VU and have fun during isolation time. We can invite only 14 participants, so be quick!


During the workshop:

  • You will learn how to tell true life stories in an interesting and engaging way;
  • You will learn what are the main components of the stories and how to craft them well;
  • You will get some useful tips about the rhythm of the story and the rule of “less is more”;
  • Do you think you have nothing to tell? Everyone does! During the storytelling workshop you will learn a technique of how to find the stories in your life and tell them in a way that everyone will want to listen!
  • You will get a real public speaking experience while in a safe environment.

Only 12 people can join the workshop, thus every participant will have access to focused individual attention, along with group exercises;
You will have fun time with your peers, will exercise your creativity and will find new friends.

The online workshop is led by Lithuanian storyteller Milda Varnauskaite (@StorytellerMilda). Milda is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands where she finished Mezrab storytelling school and now works as a storyteller at Mezrab Cultural Centre and other various places. Milda is a practitioner of storytelling, thus she is always striving to carry the practical knowledge to her students. Milda is also an alumnus of Vilnius University and a founder of Baltic Storytelling Centre.