Mathematics has been studied and taught at Vilnius University from its' foundation in 1579, when a Department of Mathematics was established in the Faculty of Philosophy. Later new Departments of Mathematical Analysis and Geometry were established in the Faculty of Mathematics and Nature Science. In 1960 these two departments together with Department of General Mathematics were moved to the Faculty of Physics. 

The Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics was established in 1965 and a new era began. Assoc. prof. A. Raudeliūnas became the first dean of the Faculty. In 1971 at the Department of Applied Mathematics a new study program has been started - Informatics, although at that time it was called Science of Calculating Machines or Science of Computing. In 1998 the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics was renamed into the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, prof. habil. dr. F. Ivanauskas became a dean until 2009. In 2009 prof. dr. G. Stepanauskas was elected as a new dean and is still leading the faculty.

Students have a wide variety of study programmes to choose from - there are 10 bachelor study programmes and 8 master study programmes provided, we also welcome PhD students. Programme plans are corresponding important labour market requirements. Students are taught programming, programming languages, algorithms, logics and combinatorics, computer architecture, operating systems, databases, computer networks, software systems, online technology, etc. Our students can also deepen their knowledge in special courses of data encryption and compression, artificial intelligence, mathematical and geometric modeling, image, symbolic and numerical analysis, natural phenomena modeling and problem solving methods.

Our students can focus on practical adaptability and start their career in a well-known company, or acquire knowledge in science and become a researcher. Representatives from different companies offer internships and invite our students to continue working in their companies immediately after graduation or even before graduation. Students, wishing to go deeper into research, can also fulfil their dream - they can be offered placements in foreign universities, doctoral committee includes professors from abroad, seminars, meetings and other events are being organised together with international doctoral students.

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