About LT-BY Cloud Project

About LT-BY Cloud Project

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Promotion of Socioeconomic Development and Encouragement of Entrepreneurship by Developing Cross-border R&D and Innovation Network in Cloud Computing Area

Short title: LT-BY Cloud

Measure 1.1: Promotion of socio-economic development and encouragement of business and entrepreneurship

Beneficiary: Vilnius University (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Partners: Lithuanian Innovation and Technology Institute (Vilnius, Lithuania); Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno (Grodno, Belarus); Scientific Technological Association INFOPARK (Minsk, Belarus)


PROBLEM: 2 science institutions: Vilnius University in Lithuania and Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno in Belarus have been making first steps in developing their resources and technologies in Cloud Computing (CC). The conducted study programs lag behind the average compared to international standard. This is caused by shortage of competencies as well as CC infrastructure needed for developing the area. The activities planned will increase the competitiveness of Vilnius and Grodno regions through improved CC infrastructure of regional science institutions and making it available for use of businesses on both sides of the border. The consolidated regional IT resources could well contribute to innovations, emergence of new business branches and encouragement of entrepreneurship.

OBJECTIVE: The project aims to enhance cross-border IT R&D and Innovation networks among Vilnius, Grodno and Minsk science institutions in order to develop and strengthen their linkage to IT enterprises. The project partners intend to achieve this by designing innovative cross-border CC cluster uniting Lithuania and Belarus and based on the latest CC technologies.

RESULTS&OUTPUTS: The agreement between partners with regard to the common use of CC related infrastructure will be signed. A course (40 hours of theory and 80 hours of practice) for Computer Science programs will be developed. A number of trainings for 250 programmers and IT related public events in Lithuania and Belarus will be conducted. The ability of 30 regional IT companies to develop CC technologies and reach global markets will be enhanced; at least 3 R&D projects will be initiated by IT SMEs in CC area. 2 Cloud Programmers Open Days and 1 conference for CC experts will be organised. A study and a deployment concept on CC opportunities and prospects for IT enterprises in the region will be developed. A set of hardware and software will be purchased and a web portal with open access will be installed.

Project number: LLB-2-142
Grant Contract number: 1S-506
Total budget: 1 112 682,00 €
EU contribution: 1 001 413,80 €
Implementation period: 14 months (10.2013-12.2014)
Contact: Algimantas Juozapavicius
Naugarduko street 24, Vilnius, LT-03225, Lithuania
+370 5219 3053; algimantas.juozapavicius@mif.vu.ltwww.vu.lt